Rohit Sharma talks about how he has dealt with trauma of WC Loss

Rohit Sharma talks about how he has dealt with trauma of WC Loss

Opening up about a pivotal moment in his career, cricket maestro Rohit Sharma shares the inspiring tale of his recovery from the World Cup final loss. In a candid revelation, Sharma provides insights into the resilience and mindset that propelled him forward after the setback. The personal account not only gives cricket enthusiasts a glimpse into the champion’s journey but also serves as a testament to the determination that fuels success in the face of challenges.

Rohit Sharma reveals how he recovered from World Cup final loss

Rohit Sharma ‘s great loss!

Rohit Sharma, uncertain about overcoming the disappointment of the World Cup final defeat, acknowledges that the love and understanding of fans have now served as a “motivation” for him to strive for another pinnacle of success. Although Rohit hasn’t specified the exact ultimate glory he refers to, it’s plausible that he envisions leading India in the upcoming T20 World Cup in the West Indies and USA next year.

Rohit Sharma reveals how he recovered from World Cup final loss

After leading as both skipper and batter in what seemed like a dream World Cup journey until the final, Rohit Sharma was visibly emotional, almost in tears, as he exited the ground. To cope with the anguish, he took a break and traveled to England, seeking relief from the emotional pain.

That’s What Rohit Sharma said..

Expressing his emotions for the first time since November 19, when the team faced defeat against Australia, Rohit Sharma shared on his Instagram fan page,

“I had no idea how to come back from this for the first few days. It was my family, friends that kept me going. They kept things light. It wasn’t easy to digest but life moves on and it wasn’t easy to move on.”

Yet, what resonated with Rohit was the admiration and comprehension exhibited by the fans, acknowledging the team’s outstanding performance. The supportive words from fans played a role in his healing process.

Rohit said, “For me to see people coming up to me, telling me that they were proud of the team, made me feel good. Along with them, I was healing as well. I felt, okay these are the kind of things you want to hear.”

Now all Set for the Roller coaster Ride

While he may have experienced a period where it seemed like there was nothing more to accomplish, the 36-year-old Indian skipper dropped sufficient indications that he is now prepared for one last opportunity to make history.

“People, when they understand what the player must be going through and when they know these kind of things and not to bring out that frustration, that anger, it means a lot for us, for me definitely it meant a lot because there was no anger, it was just pure love from people that I met and it was wonderful to see that,” added Rohit.

Rohit Sharma reveals how he recovered from World Cup final loss

Indicating a clear intention towards the T20 World Cup, he conveyed, “So it gives you motivation to get back and start working again and look for another ultimate prize.”

Rohit said, “After the final, it was very hard to get back and start moving on, which is why I decided that I need to get my mind out of this. But then, wherever I was, I realised that people were coming up to me and they were appreciating everyone’s effort, how well we played. I feel for all of them. They all, along with us, were dreaming of lifting that World Cup, along with us.”

Gratitude for Support!

Following the tournament, Rohit departed for the U.K., where he spent two weeks. He added, “Everywhere we went during this entire campaign, there was so much support from everyone who came to the stadium firstly and people who were watching it from home as well.”

“I want to appreciate what the people have done for us, in that one and half month period. But again, if I think more and more about that I feel quite disappointed that we were not able to go all the way.” The team experienced incredible support throughout the campaign. The ultimate prize is the 50-over World Cup, and contemplating it can indeed be frustrating.


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Rohit said, “I have always grown up watching the 50-over World Cup. To me that was the ultimate prize, the 50-over World Cup. We’ve worked all these years, for that World Cup. And it is disappointing, right? If you don’t get through it, don’t get what you want, what you have been looking for all this while, what you were dreaming of. You get disappointed. You get frustrated as well at times.”

Meanwhile, tomorrow’s Test series will mark the first appearance for Rohit Sharma, along with Virat Kohli and Jasprit Bumrah, following the conclusion of the ODI World Cup 2023.

The Test series is of great significance for the Rohit Sharma-led side, as they have never secured a victory in a red-ball series in South Africa.

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