Shikhar Dhawan ‘blocked from everywhere’, hasn’t seen son Zoravar in a year; teary-eyed birthday post breaks hearts


Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan ‘s emotional Instagram post on his son Zoravar’s birthday has left fans heartbroken. Dhawan revealed that he has been “blocked from everywhere” and hasn’t seen his son in a year. The teary-eyed birthday post reflects the challenges he faces in maintaining contact with his son amid personal circumstances. The cricketer’s heartfelt message has garnered sympathy and sparked discussions about the complexities faced by public figures in their personal lives.

Shikhar Dhawan 'blocked from everywhere', hasn't seen son Zoravar in a year; teary-eyed birthday post breaks hearts

Dhawan’s heartfelt Wish

On son Zoravar’s birthday, Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan shared a poignant message on Instagram, disclosing that he has been prevented from communicating with his nine-year-old. In an emotional post, Dhawan expressed pride in his son and posted a screenshot of a video call with Zoravar. The heartfelt revelation unfolds the challenges in Dhawan’s relationship amid his divorce from ex-wife Ayesha Mukherjee, finalized in October. The post resonates with those navigating complex family dynamics and garnered empathetic responses on social media.

The divorce was granted based on allegations of ‘cruelty’ towards the acclaimed Indian cricketer by his estranged wife. Judge Harish Kumar accepted Dhawan’s claims, which included being kept apart from their son and being coerced into financial decisions.

Shikhar Dhawan 'blocked from everywhere', hasn't seen son Zoravar in a year; teary-eyed birthday post breaks hearts

Despite the court’s decision granting Dhawan mandatory visitation rights with his son in both India and Australia, challenges seem to persist in establishing connections with his son. The court specifically mandated Aesha to facilitate bringing their son to India for visitation purposes, including overnight stays with Dhawan and his family, particularly during school holidays.

Shikhar Dhawan wrote a Message for his Son

In a poignant Instagram post, Dhawan disclosed that he hasn’t physically met his son in a year. The 38-year-old further lamented that it has been three months since he last had a video chat with his son, Zoravar. Shikhar Dhawan wrote,

“It’s been a year since I saw you in person, and now, for almost three months, I’ve been blocked from everywhere so Posting the same picture to wish you, my boy, a very Happy Birthday. Even if I can’t connect with you directly, I connect with you through Telepathy. I am so proud of you, and I know you’re doing great and growing up nicely.”

He added, “Papa always misses you and loves you. He’s always positive, waiting with a smile for the time when we will meet again by the Grace of God. Be naughty but not destructive, be a giver, be humble, compassionate, patient, and strong. Despite not seeing you, I write you messages almost every day, asking about your well-being and daily life, sharing what I’m doing and what’s new in my life. Love you loads Zora.”


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Dhawan’s legal case

Dhawan’s legal plea asserted that Mukerji’s prior marriage commitments and her daughters’ residency in Australia led to physical and emotional distance during their eight-year marriage. He also claimed that Mukerji exerted pressure on him to heavily invest in Australian properties, raising concerns about financial control. Mukerji did not contest or defend herself in court, leading to the divorce being granted to Dhawan.

Shikhar Dhawan 'blocked from everywhere', hasn't seen son Zoravar in a year; teary-eyed birthday post breaks hearts

The court, while refraining from deciding on permanent custody, established visitation rights for Dhawan to spend time with Zoravar in both India and Australia, including overnight stays and video calls. The couple married in 2012 and separated in 2020, with no public statements from either party regarding the divorce.

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