Internet Reactions On Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark Blessed With A Daughter, Checkout To Know

sansa stark aka sophie turner was pregnant and gave birth to baby girl willa
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The Queen in the North has given birth to a princess!
Yes, so now all hail to the princess Willa!

When did she marry someone?

In case if you weren’t aware, Sophie Turner married Joe Jonas on 1st May 2019. However, they got engaged in October 2017. Their wedding was kind of impromptu in a chapel in Las Vegas right after the Jonas brothers attended the Billboard Awards. They also threw an official wedding ceremony which was organised in France and attended by their close friends and family members.

You weren’t called into the wedding right? Don’t worry neither were we but we managed to get a pic from their wedding night! Have a look, it was uploaded by Joe Jonas on his Instagram account.

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Mr and Mrs Jonas 📸 @corbingurkin

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And yes, did I mention, they were off to the Maldives for their Honeymoon. It would surely have been an amazing experience for the couple. After all, the Queen of the North always deserves the best!

Ok cool, so now the baby!

Now having talked about their marriage, it’s time to focus on the best moment of their life. As per reports from Marie claire, Sophie and Joe on 22nd July 2020 welcomed their baby girl in Las Vegas whom they later named Willa.

Entertainment Tonight revealed that a source close to the couple, told them: “The couple is already obsessed and can’t stop gloating about their new addition. The couple is taking time to enjoy this special moment and have only shared the news and updates with family and friends. With the pandemic, Joe and Sophie have been very cautious about who is around them and their little girl.”

People love Sophie and Joe and their congratulatory notes are flooding in! But unfortunately, only a very few of them can go around to meet the new addition to the Jonas family. As said, the couple is very conscious about anyone coming in contact with the baby owing to the pandemic.

When was Sophie pregnant? And how did she look?

If you are wondering, how and when she got pregnant and why didn’t you notice her baby bump before the news. Then here we are, have a look at some really great pics of Sophie while she was pregnant with her baby. She looks amazing and her fashion sense can never be wrong.

pregnant sophie turner in shorts and wearing perfect model like maternity dress
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pregnant sophie turner wearing mask and a formal dress with perfect fashion sense
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sophie turner wearing white dress and cute little skirt taking a walk with a dog while she was pregnant
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sophie turner with husband joe jonas while sophie was pregnant
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We are sure she would be a great mother and that baby girl will have a wonderful life ahead. She would be a true princess and will rule the world someday! She has got the queen’s blood after all!

Internet Reactions to Sophie Turner becoming a mother.

Now, let’s head to some congratulatory notes and reactions that sprung up following the news of Sophie giving birth to a baby girl.

Some reactions were hilarious and surely out of love. Some people couldn’t stop but made funny comments on Priyanka as well. Some even tried to relate the birth of Willa to Game of Throne. People can be hilarious at times, so enjoy them here!