Junior Mehmood : Do You Know what was his last wish and was it fulfilled?

Junior Mehmood : Do You Know what was his last wish and was it fulfilled?

Renowned for his vibrant contributions to Indian cinema, Junior Mehmood ‘s legacy endures, marked by his unforgettable performances. In the twilight of his life, a poignant question looms: what was his final wish, and did it find fulfillment? Delving into the enigmatic world of this cinematic luminary, this article unravels the layers of Junior Mehmood’s last desire, shedding light on whether the curtain closed with the realization of his ultimate yearning. Join us through the poignant tapestry of a legendary artist’s final aspirations.

Junior Mehmood : Do You Know what was his last wish and was it fulfilled?

Remembering Junior Mehmood

Actor Junior Mehmood, aged 67, has passed away after battling stage four stomach cancer, as confirmed by his friend Salam Kazi, according to ETimes. Recognized for his roles in iconic films such as Caravan, Haathi Mere Saathi, and Mera Naam Joker, Junior Mehmood, originally named Naeem Sayyed, commenced his career as a child artist with Mohabbat Zindagi Hai (1966) and Naunihal (1967). The appellation “Junior Mehmood” was bestowed upon him by Mehmood himself following their collaboration in the 1968 film Suhaag.

As per the report, Junior Mehmood’s funeral is scheduled for approximately 12 pm at the Juhu Muslim Cemetery in Santacruz West, the same resting place where his mother was interred.

Junior Mehmood : Do You Know what was his last wish and was it fulfilled?

Johny Lever revealed that Junior Mehmood received treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital in Parel. Lever stated, “He is grappling with stomach cancer, and his health condition is intricate. Despite my regular communication with him, he never disclosed his health challenges. Approximately six weeks ago, I had a meeting with him. Subsequently, a close associate informed me about his illness, revealing that he had been ailing for ten days, surviving on liquids, and diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer,” as conveyed to PTI.

Celebrity Visits and Heartfelt Appeals

Before his demise, numerous film celebrities, including Jeetendra, Sachin Pilgaonkar, and Johny Lever, paid visits to the ailing actor. Jeetendra, expressing a wish to meet the senior actor, visited Junior Mehmood’s residence on Tuesday. The 81-year-old actor, who shared screen space with Junior Mehmood in movies like Suhaag Raat and Caravan, became emotional during the visit. Accompanying Jeetendra was the 66-year-old actor Johnny Lever.

On Tuesday, Sachin Pilgaonkar paid a visit to Junior Mehmood and subsequently took to Instagram to share a message, urging his followers to pray for the well-being of his childhood friend. Sachin conveyed, “I request you all to pray for my childhood friend Jr Mehmood who’s suffering from a fatal illness. I had a video conversation with him a couple of days ago and went to see him today but he was sleeping as he was under medication. I am in touch with his son and Johny Lever regarding his health. May god bless him.”

The Last Wish

Junior Mehmood’s ultimate desire was to meet two superstars from his illustrious career – Jeetendra and Sachin Pilgaonkar. Despite his declining health, both actors fulfilled his wish. Sachin, Junior Mehmood’s best friend and co-star in Shammi Kapoor’s Brahmachari, played a pivotal role in granting his heartfelt request. Reporter shared viral pictures on Twitter of Jeetendra’s emotional meeting with Junior Mehmood. Jeetendra displayed deep emotions during the encounter.

Behind the scenes

As a child, Junior Mehmood, originally Naeem Sayyed, immersed himself in showbiz. Accompanying his photographer brother to film sets, he once criticized a child actor’s performance. To his surprise, the director challenged him to enact the scene, unknowingly propelling him into the enchanting realm of show business.

Junior Mehmood secured his first role in the film “Suhaag Raat” at the age of eight, sharing the screen with Jeetendra and Mehmood. Despite being left out from Mehmood’s daughter’s birthday celebration during the shoot, he humorously expressed to the veteran comedian, “Mera baap koi producer, director nahi isliye main aap ki beti ke birthday main nahi aa sakta kya?”

Shocked by the direct challenge, Mehmood invited the audacious boy to his daughter’s party. Junior Mehmood dazzled the gathering, mimicking Mehmood in the song ‘Hum Kaale Hain To Kya Hua Dilwale Hain.’ Impressed by his talent and eagerness, Mehmood took him under his wing. In an interview with Rediff, Junior Mehmood revealed, “In true guru-shishya tradition, I tied a gaanth on his wrist and paid him five rupees and 25 paise as Dakshina at Ranjit Studios. That’s when he bestowed his own name upon me and called me Junior Mehmood, transforming my life completely.”

Shammi Kapoor’s blockbuster film “Brahmchari” marked Junior Mehmood’s breakthrough, portraying one of the 12 boys. Released on a Friday, he swiftly ascended to superstardom by the following morning. His rendition of Mehmood’s ‘Hum Kale Hain To Kya Hua Dilwale Hain’ gained immense popularity, prompting the inclusion of a special scene in the film dedicated to his mimicry talent.


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At the outset, Junior Mehmood earned a mere Rs 60 for his performances. Recognizing his value, he quickly began charging Rs 1 lakh per film, establishing this rate at the age of 11. His unyielding determination led him to maintain this fee, enabling him to purchase a car by the age of 13. His relentless pursuit of artistic success positioned him as one of the rare child superstars in the country. May he rest in peace.

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