Mitchell Johnson takes multiple jibes at Virat Kohli fan goes viral

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Amidst the recent controversy involving his altercation with David Warner, Mitchell Johnson has stirred another debate, this time regarding his comments on Virat Kohli. Responding to comments from his followers about the former Indian captain, Johnson made a few statements. Despite these interactions occurring two weeks ago, the remarks have surfaced recently. Coinciding with the peak of his well-publicised clash with Warner.

When a user aimed to provoke Mitchell Johnson by mentioning, ‘Remember Virat Kohli?’, the former fast bowler sarcastically responded with ‘Who?’ However, what sparked dissatisfaction among fans was Johnson labelling Kohli as the easiest wicket of his career. In response to a follower’s comment, ‘Bro, you are Virat’s favourite bowler’. Johnson candidly expressed that ‘He was my easiest to get out’.

Rivalry of Mitchell Johnson and Kohli started from Border Gavaskar Trophy

Johnson and Kohli engaged in multiple confrontations during the 2014 Border Gavaskar Trophy. A series widely regarded as pivotal in Kohli’s ascent to legendary status. Across the four-Test series in Australia, Kohli amassed a remarkable 692 runs in eight innings. Boasting an impressive average of 86.50 and securing four centuries. Notably, his twin hundreds in Adelaide, scoring 115 and 141. During his inaugural Test as captain brought India to the brink of victory. Only to face a twist as Nathan Lyon wreaked havoc in the final two sessions on Day 5.

Amid Kohli’s impressive innings, he and Johnson were involved in heated exchanges. With an incident where Johnson inadvertently threw the ball back at Kohli, hitting his body. Despite Johnson’s prompt apology, Kohli remained unyielding. The on-field confrontations extended beyond the cricket ground, as Kohli vocally expressed his lack of respect for Johnson. Leaving no ambiguity about his sentiments toward the Australian player.


Expressing his frustration, Kohli addressed the media during the Test, stating, “I was genuinely irritated with him hitting me with the ball, and I made it clear that it’s unacceptable. I advised him to aim for the stumps next time, not my body. It’s crucial to convey the right message. I’m on the field to play cricket, to back myself. There’s no valid reason for me to show undue respect to individuals who don’t reciprocate the same respect.”

Rivalry continues in World Cup 2015

Continuing their on-field rivalry, Johnson managed to dismiss Kohli on four occasions in Test matches. One memorable instance was during the 2015 World Cup semi-final between India and Australia at the MCG. Where Johnson induced a top-edge from Kohli, leading to a caught dismissal that silenced the Indian fans. Reflecting on their past encounters, Johnson recently recalled a duel with Kohli from nine years ago. When he delivered a bouncer that struck Kohli squarely on the helmet.

Mitchell Johnson

Reflecting on the past, Mitchell Johnson recalled an incident during the Border-Gavaskar Trophy where, in the aftermath of Phil Hughes’ passing, he struck Kohli on the helmet with the first ball he bowled. Despite the challenging circumstances, Johnson noted the determination on Kohli’s face, highlighting the fierce competition throughout the series and acknowledging India’s outstanding effort in the face of adversity.

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