Kapil Sharma slams Indigo Airline for Delaying Flight, Video Viral

Kapil Sharma slams Indigo Airline for Delaying Flight, Video Viral

In a recent incident, popular comedian Kapil Sharma expressed frustration over IndiGo Airlines for a delayed flight, sharing his experience in a viral video. The comedian, known for his humor, didn’t hold back as he criticized the airline for the inconvenience caused. Kapil Sharma’s candid take on the situation resonated with many, sparking conversations about the challenges faced by passengers. The video quickly gained traction on social media, highlighting the comedian’s unexpected encounter with travel woes and shedding light on the broader issue of flight delays.

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma ‘s poor experience with IndiGo

On Wednesday, comedian and actor Kapil Sharma criticized IndiGo for a purported delay and mishandling of passengers, particularly those “on wheelchairs.” Expressing his discontent on social media, Sharma accused the airline of dishonesty, asserting that passengers were made to wait in a shuttle bus for almost an hour, citing the excuse that the “pilot was stuck in traffic.” He shared videos depicting passengers engaging in disputes with the airline ground staff, demanding to speak to a senior IndiGo official. Kapil Sharma’s publicized critique shed light on the alleged mismanagement and sparked discussions on the airline’s practices.

Kapil Sharma took it to X, formerly known as twitter, and wrote,

“Dear IndiGo, first you made us wait in the bus for 50 minutes, and now your team is saying the pilot is stuck in traffic, what? really? we are supposed to take off by 8 pm and it’s 9:20, still, there is no pilot in the cockpit, do you think these 180 passengers will fly in Indigo again? Never.”

Later, he shared another update, accompanied by visuals, stating-

“Now they are de-boarding all the passengers and saying we will send you in another aircraft but again we have to go back to the terminal for security check.”

His another tweet read, “People are suffering because of you and IndiGo lying-lying and lying, there r some old passengers in wheel chairs, not in very good health condition. Shame on you!”

And finally IndiGo responded

IndiGo later issued a statement, citing operational reasons for the delay of Flight 6E 5149 from Chennai to Mumbai on Nov 29. The airline expressed regret for any inconvenience caused, emphasizing that passengers were kept informed about the delay. The statement read, “Flight 6E 5149 from Chennai to Mumbai on Nov 29 was delayed due to operational reasons. Passengers were kept informed about the delay. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.”

Kapil Sharma

Another incident

Simultaneously, director Vivek Agnihotri shared a similar experience, reporting a nearly two-hour delay in his IndiGo flight earlier that day. Expressing frustration over the lack of communication from the crew, he questioned the airline’s use of advanced AI software to keep passengers informed and criticized the apparent indifference to passengers’ concerns.

He wrote on X, “Boarded the aircraft at 11.10 AM. It’s 12.40. 1.30 hrs and not a word of information from the captain or crew. Flights get delayed all over the world, but such indifference to passengers is a unique quality that @IndiGo6E possesses. Also, isn’t there a way to know the delay? What are all these highly advanced AI software for? Why lock flyers in a tunnel with AC with hassled and lost crew?”

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