Lesser-Known Facts About Anshula Kapoor, Sister Of Arjun Kapoor


Being a celebrity is certainly a double-edged sword. On one hand, you can have all the luxuries in the world that a normal person can only dream of. Cars, designer clothes, money or fame, celebrities have it all. But this immense fortune comes at a price. The celebrity lifestyle is a point of fascination for an average person, and this fascination causes a lot of media scrutiny. Having little to no privacy and constant struggle to keep matters under wraps is no piece of cake.

Anshula Kapoor has certainly had her share of this media coverage.
Anshula Kapoor is a member of the famous ‘Kapoor family’ of Bollywood. She is the daughter of the well-known producer Boney Kapoor and late producer, Mona Shourie Kapoor. She is the sister of famous actor Arjun Kapoor.

Other popular members of her family are her half-sisters Jahnvi and Khushi Kapoor, cousin Sonam Kapoor and uncle Arjun Kapoor. Although she is not employed in any relation to Bollywood, her famous family has maintained her to be in a public position and a celebrity.

Let’s check out some unknown facts about Anshula

Early Life

mona kapoor with lil anshula

Anshula was born on 29th December 1992 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Anshula’s Parents got divorced when she was just four years old. Tragedy struck for her and her brother when their mother died on 25th Mach 2012 due to cancer. Through her father’s second marriage, Anshula’s stepmother was the late iconic actress Sridevi and she also got her two half-sisters.
Although she eventually leads a corporate-centered life, she was initially influenced by her family’s profession and had been a part of many plays like, “Bhagwad Ajjukam”, “The Night of January 16th”, “A Midsummer Nights’ Dream”, “Oedipus”, “A Thousand Cranes”, etc.


Anshula Kapoor is an alumnus of Ecole Mondiale World School, Juhu, Mumbai. Anshula was a star student during her school days. She had received plenty of awards when she was young including ‘Certificate of Merit for Academic Excellence’ in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Her brilliant mind and hard work ensured her to perform excellently during her high school days and for her records in 9th and 10th, she received the ‘Head of Middle Years Award’. She was not only good in academics but was also the administrative head of the ‘Model United Nations’ society. All her achievements are a true reflection of her hard work and consistency.
Her hard work in school allowed her to have better opportunities for college. She is a graduate of Bernard College, New York City, New York. After getting her educational degrees she has worked for several prestigious organizations.


In 2012, she worked as a team builder for the ‘Habitat for Humanity International’s Economic Empowerment’ and later joined to work on the projects of house building at Cluj, Romania. She later worked at Google, an impressive achievement, as an AdWords Representative. She later moved to Gurugram, Haryana, and pursued her career as an Associate Account Strategist. In2004, she worked in Exceed Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. As an Associate- Licensing and Merchandising in Mumbai. She has also worked in Hrithik Roshan’s company as operations Manager in 2015.
All her projects and work display a majorly corporate entered life. Anshula certainly stands out with her chosen profession in the fields of actors and producers in her family. However, this difference cannot be termed as a failure. LL the achievements are proof enough of her success. Having worked domestically and in an international market for big brands has certainly made her a skilled professional.


Personal Life

anshula kapoor father and sisters
Photo Credit: India TV News

Anshul, despite her famous family, keeps a relatively low profile about her personal life. While not much is known about her dating history, her ties with her family have been a point of the media frenzy for a long time. It is reported that she was estranged from her father after his second marriage but reconnected with her father and half-sisters when they needed support after Sridevi’s sudden demise. She is a vocal supporter of her family and constantly cheers on her actor brother and sister.
She has a following of 435K followers on Instagram. Her content on Instagram can truly reflect her simplicity. Most of her posts are of her family and friends. She is relatively active on the social media page and shares glimpses of her personal life.
Apart from her family, her dog is a routine feature on her page, showing her love for animals.

Charities and social works

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From being a part of the early projects of ‘Habitat for Humanity’ or raising awareness about various social issues through her social media influence, Anshula is certainly an active participant in philanthropy.
She is the current owner of ‘Fankind’.
Fankind is an innovative and mutually beneficial platform that aims to bring fans, celebrities, and charities together. Fankind allows fans to have interactive and fun activities with their favorite celebrities while supporting, donating, and fundraising for charities.
The platform has a stellar record for donating 70% of its earnings to charities. In recent news, GiveIndia had partnered with Fankind as a philanthropy partner.
Big-time celebrities like Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar, and more have participated in this initiative.
Apart from setting up these meets, Fankind has been active in the fight against COVID. It has uploaded well-researched and factual data on the pandemic as well as posted correct ambulance services in various parts of India like Pune, Delhi, or Bangalore.

anshula kapoor
Photo Credit: India West

Anshula is a woman with a golden heart. She owns a 3bhk apartment in Juhu, Mumbai, and has a BMW X3 worth Rs 40,00,000 lakhs.

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