Everything About Julia Vins The Russian ‘Muscle Barbie’


That’s not normal to visualize a lady as a muscle woman. This is nature’s gift because we never see it very often. Now Julia is an excellent example of muscular body and beauty. Let us look few of her details and pics.

Life Before Powerlifting

She was born on 21 May 1996 in Russia. At an early age, she had no interest in fitness. In school, she studied music and arts without any interest. She started her journey in fitness when she was 15 with the aim of getting in shape and gain confidence.

mucsle woman
Julia vins/Instagram

Powerlifting As Career

Julia spent her first year training without any real guidance. She sought out a coach to guide her in developing her physique.

However, she could find the only coach who would teach her powerlifting and kettlebell training. As a result, she chooses powerlifting as a career.

Julia vins/Instagram

Championship And Accomplishment

Julia competed in her first professional powerlifting tournament in 2014, at the World Powerlifting. In 2015 she won Iron Bull Push-pull Championships in Russia and she won the competition.

She has also broken the three world record in 180kg squat, a 105kg bench press, and a 165kg deadlift.

julia at the training session

In addition, she went to compete at various competitions throughout Russia. She won another world championship in Russia in 2016.

She also won a few competitions and championships in 2016, World Powerlifting Championship, Finish Nationals, 2018 Equipped Finnish Nationals Pro Open Powerlifting Championship, and 2019 Finnish Nationals & Rebel Power Push-pull.

julia training session

Julia’s Training session

Julia goes to the gym five times per week that includes a 1-2 hour cardio session on one of those days. She prefers long, high-volume workouts over short, intense ones.

Julia is able to hit multiple muscle groups in a single workout of this type of training. Julia, for example, usually trains triceps, biceps, back, and chest all in one workout on Friday.


In spite of her good looks and beauty, she has proved much more than that. She shows everyone that being a strong woman is still possible to be pretty.

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