15 Long Hair Styles For Men To Help Them Get A Classic Professional Look

best men hairstyles to look professional

So you want to seem professional while sporting a fashionable, stylish haircut. At the same time, you want to have a look that reflects your individuality. How are you going to meet all of these demands at the same time? Perhaps, you want long hair men styles for a different reason. If you work for one of these businesses, you most likely have to follow a dress code that includes hairstyles. Finding great-looking professional haircuts for personal or professional reasons can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to search for. To help, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite long hair men styles, as well as some pointers on how to achieve them.

Here’s a list of 15 long hairstyles for men to help them get a professional look:

1. Slicked Back

Slicked back men hairstyle for professional look
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You can’t go wrong with this style if you like the slicked-back, conventional appearance that has recently become fashionable. Also, it’s one of the stylish long straight hair men cut that mixes a stunning, defined side part with a glossy shine. To achieve this style, you’ll need a high-quality hair product.

Apply a generous amount of gel or, better yet, pomade to your hair and work it in evenly. This will give it a lustrous sheen. After that, separate your hair to one side and comb the hair below the part in a downward direction. This is one of the most elegant haircuts, and it goes well with any office job. One of the professional long straight hair men is now popular, and we don’t see it going away anytime soon.

2. Side Part

Side part is the long straight hairstyle for men
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One of the classic long hairstyles male is one of the most trendy and low-maintenance professional long hairstyles male, and it’s ideal for everything. Your hair, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly, looks great and gives you a debonair Mad Men vibe. To obtain a sleek and polished side part worthy of Don Draper, comb your hair and let it fall naturally. Use pomade or matte clay to keep the style in place.

3. Quiff

quiff classic long hairstyles for male
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The classic long hairstyles male quiff has been popular since the 1950s, which comes as no surprise. The quiff, which looks sleek and professional without being stuffy, is just as popular today as it was back then. For the best results, make sure your hairline is clean and even, and your sides are short and crisp. Then, using a high-shine product, obtain the signature glossy aspect of the traditional quiff. One of the best professional long hairstyles male.

4. Hard Part

hard part professional long hairstyles for male
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The conventional hard part is one of the quickest and easiest professional men’s hairstyles. It has a clean, distinct look that gives every hairstyle a little personality. If you have a naturally defined side part, use gel and a fine-tooth comb to create a hard side part.

Make sure you part your hair in the same direction it naturally falls when it comes to parting. Ask your barber to discover your natural side part and shave or razor it to make it more prominent if yours isn’t as noticeable.

5. Comb Over

comb over is the long hair style for indian man
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One of the most iconic and traditional professional haircuts, the comb-over, adds a touch of refinement and a classic vibe to your style. A comb-over is polished and elegant, suitable for practically all workplaces, and flattering on almost all facial features. With a beard or a shaven face, it also looks fantastic. Because it is easy, sleek, and respectable, every man should go for a comb-over. It is one of the famous long hairstyle man Indian.

6. Hard Part + Slick Back

Hairstyle inspo
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If your hair is naturally wavy, a firm part and slick back is a terrific option. Wavy hair, especially on the curlier end of the range, might come off as untidy or unkempt. The sleek back was created with a strong-hold gel that helps keep any stray hair in place. A strong, defined part, on the other hand, adds structure to your hair, giving it a more serious and controlled appearance.

7. Low Fade + Hard Part + Quiff

hairstyle inspiration for the men to look professional
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A low fade, firm part, and quiff combination is a terrific alternative for professional men who are a little bolder. The low fade and hard part lend some individual flair to the quiff, which is one of the most generally attractive hairstyles for guys. Use a gel or pomade to ensure no hairs are out of place and the style remains office suitable. This also adds a bit of throwback cool to your ensemble.

8. Man Bun

man bun hairstyle
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The trick to looking professional with long or medium hair is to keep it trimmed, sleek, and serious. A sleek man bun is one of the best ways to keep your hair out of your face and from clashing with your suit during that important meeting. Use a small quantity of pomade or gel instead of a brush to set your strands in place while you comb it back.

Secure your man bun at the back of your head or at the base of your neck using a clear elastic or one that matches your hair color. It is one of the famous long hairstyle man Indian.

9. Medium Length Comb Back

hairstyles guide for men with long hair
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The comb back is a wonderful professional haircut for medium-length hair. The comb back isn’t as flat or wet-looking as a smooth back, but it still seems polished. Instead of combing your hair straight back, try doing so in an upward motion. After that, your hair will fall back on itself, giving a volumized impression that will make your face appear longer and more balanced.

10. Pompadour

Photo Credit: Man of Many

The pompadour, one of the most distinctive and popular men’s haircuts, may not appear to be the most professional hairdo at first glance. With a few easy changes, this bright and edgy look may be transformed for the office.

To keep your pompadour looking clean, modern, and proportional, go for a less dramatic quiff, matte products instead of the classic oily wet look, and a modern taper at the sides.

11. Quiff + Hard Part

quiff with hard part is perfect hairstyle for men
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The quiff is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of style. It is suitable for guys of all ages and can be worn anywhere from date night to the gym and the office. Pair your quiff with a firm part for the ultimate modern gentlemen’s style. The defined line of the part offers structure and definition, while the quiff balances your face and adds a timeless sophisticated aspect to the whole look.

12. Bro Flow

bro flow
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The bro flow is primarily known for being a laid-back and rough hairdo. It’s also grown popular as a professional business appearance in recent years. The bro flow is for confident men who like to lead the way and tread their own path.

It’s ideal for guys in creative, entrepreneurial industries like fashion or technology. Because it has a more laid-back vibe, it’s ideal to keep the rest of your ensemble professional and put-together – think a collared shirt, fitted blazer, and well-groomed facial hair.

13. Half Up Half Down

half up half down hairstyle for men to look professional
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In today’s offices, longer hairstyles are acceptable as long as they are tidy, polished, and deliberate. During the day, a half-up, half-down style will keep your hair out of your face while still allowing you to express yourself.

Apply pomade to your hair and comb it back, bunning the top area. Also, use a little more product and have regular trims to keep the loose lower portion in check and avoid split ends.

14. Undercut

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The undercut has evolved from its gangland origins in the early twentieth century to become a fashionable and respectable haircut for men. However, in the professional environment, a more subtle style is recommended – skin-shaved undercuts are a little too dramatic for the office! Also, a short undercut with a longer, side-swept top section looks modern and sleek while still being mature and appealing.

15. Ivy League

ivy league
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The classic Ivy League haircut is a popular professional hairstyle for men of all ages. It’s a stylish, retro-inspired design that combines the greatest features of a side part and a crew cut. As the name implies, the ‘Princeton cut’ or ‘Harvard clip’ has an upper-crust appeal. Well, because it tapers at the sides and is a little longer on top, the Ivy League matches most facial shapes and looks great with a suit.