Pakistani Version Of ‘Money Heist’ Is So Bad That Even Pakistanis Are Roasting

pakistan trolling pakistani version of money heist remake named 50 crores

The trend of making a remake from foreign television series and movies is prevalent not just in India, but also in our neighboring country, Pakistan. While Indian people were busy debating who would play all the characters in a Hindi remake of “Money Heist”, Pakistan went ahead and actually made their own version of the show.

Photo Credit: The Indian Express

The famous television series, “Money Heist” was originally made in Spanish (“La casa de Papel” which means “The House of Paper”). It was based on the two long prepared robberies. These robberies were carried on at the Royal Mint of Spain and Bank of Spain. It was one of the most-watched non-English series.

The Pakistani moviemakers decided to come up with its Pakistani version when the world is already in love with this series. The movie was titled “50 Crore”. Later, a teaser was released online by the makers. It showed an uncanny resemblance to the original.

Take a look at the teaser of the “50 Crore”:

The star cast includes Aijaz Aslam, Anoushay Abbasi, Faysal Quraishi, Zhalay Sarhadi, Saboor Aly, Asad Siddiqui, Naveed Raza, and Mehmood Aslam. Their characters were named after different cities of Pakistan.

Unfortunately, Twitter users did not like this idea much. They were calling it a cheap copy (sasti copy) of the original. Since the netizens wanted some original content and not something copied from other movies or series and never a thing that they have already seen, so they were all quite angry about it. And with the release of the movie “50 Crore” posters, it was finally confirmed that it was the remake of “Money Heist”.

Pakistani version of money heist
Photo Credit: DNA India

Consequently, the Pakistani moviemakers are being slammed for their lack of imagination. As a result, memes and jokes started flooding on the micro-blogging site Twitter. What amused the netizens more was the financial condition of Pakistan. Well, everybody knows about the financial condition of Pakistan. It is like an open secret. And the worst part is that the majority of countries are in no mood to help them by giving loans either. Twitteratis also made fun of their financial situation as well. Some trolled the series by saying that since there would be no funds in Pakistani banks or their server might be down, so the heist team would return without any money out of it.

Let us look at some of the tweets about the Pakistani version of “Money Heist”:

Yes, a lot of popular shows undergo remakes in different countries and the results are mostly disastrous. But, people still have not learned the lesson that it’s not okay to copy. Especially at the time when it’s turning out to be extremely cringy. Also, a “Money Heist” remake in Pakistan without naming someone Lahore is kind of weird. Seriously!!