PM Modi gives epic reaction after the announcer calls him ‘Mukhyamantri’ in Bhajan Lal oath taking ceremony

PM Modi gives epic reaction after an announcer calls him 'Mukhyamantri' During Bhajan Lal oath taking ceremony

In a lighthearted moment at Bhajan Lal’s oath-taking ceremony, PM Modi delivered an epic reaction when an announcer mistakenly referred to him as ‘Mukhyamantri’ instead of ‘Pradhan Mantri.’ The crowd witnessed a humorous exchange, highlighting the Prime Minister’s quick wit and approachability. This incident added a touch of camaraderie to the event, showcasing the leader’s ability to gracefully navigate unexpected situations. PM Modi’s response not only amused the audience but also revealed his down-to-earth demeanour, creating a memorable and relatable moment in the midst of formal proceedings.

PM Modi gives epic reaction after an announcer calls him 'Mukhyamantri' During Bhajan Lal oath taking ceremony

PM Modi attends Rajasthan Chief Minister‘s Oath ceremony

Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma, along with Deputy CMs Diya Kumari and Dr. Premchand Bairwa, took the oath on Friday. A video clip of this oath-taking ceremony is going viral on social media, catching Prime Minister Modi’s surprised expression.

PM Modi gives epic reaction after an announcer calls him 'Mukhyamantri' During Bhajan Lal oath taking ceremony

PM Modi ‘s Surprised gesture

Actually, on Friday, there was an oath-taking ceremony for the Chief Minister and two Deputy CMs of Rajasthan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP President JP Nadda, and several Union Ministers and Chief Ministers from various states attended the event. The oath-taking ceremony revealed several irregularities.

There was a mistake regarding PM Modi as well. When PM Narendra Modi, Governor Kalraj Mishra, Bhajan Lal Sharma, Diya Kumari, and Dr. Premchand Bairwa arrived on the stage, the government spokesperson began speaking to facilitate them taking their seats. In the process, the spokesperson mistakenly referred to PM Modi as the Chief Minister. As soon as PM Modi was addressed as the Chief Minister, he immediately turned towards the spokesperson, maintaining a gaze for quite a while.


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The results of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly elections were announced on December 3. Following this, discussions about the Chief Minister’s candidacy began. Several names were in contention, but on December 12, BJP surprised everyone by declaring Bhajan Lal Sharma as the chosen one. Sharma, winning elections for the first time, became a Member of the Legislative Assembly. No one anticipated that BJP would appoint him as the Chief Minister.

All about swearing ceremony 

  • The swearing-in ceremony for the recently elected Rajasthan government occurred at Jaipur’s Ramnivas Bagh.
  • Key BJP leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, and BJP President JP Nadda, graced the event.
  • In anticipation of a significant turnout, rigorous security measures and well-planned seating arrangements were implemented at the historic Albert Hall.
  • Bhajan Lal Sharma, the newly appointed leader, has affirmed his commitment to align the state government’s actions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision.
  • Emphasizing this dedication, Sharma aims to focus on policies and initiatives that align with the broader national agenda set by Narendra Modi.

In the aftermath of the Rajasthan Chief Minister’s oath ceremony, the lively interaction between PM Modi and the announcer became the talk of the town, infusing a dose of humor into the formal event. As the video gained traction on social media, showcasing PM Modi’s surprised expression, it added an unexpected twist to the proceedings. Despite some irregularities during the ceremony, the surprising announcement of Bhajan Lal Sharma as Chief Minister took center stage, defying expectations. This unforeseen choice marked a unique turn in Rajasthan’s political landscape, leaving both political enthusiasts and the public intrigued about the unfolding leadership dynamics.

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