Pro Kabaddi League: Anand gives befitting reply to a troll for his baseless remarks

Pro Kabaddi League: Anand gives befitting reply to a troll for his baseless remarks

Pro Kabaddi League player Anand recently faced baseless remarks from a troll. In a commendable response, Anand shut down the criticism with a fitting reply. The incident sheds light on the challenges athletes face in dealing with online negativity and highlights the importance of resilience in the face of unwarranted criticism. This article explores Anand’s dignified response and the broader issue of cyberbullying in the world of professional sports.

Pro Kabaddi League: Anand gives befitting reply to a troll for his baseless remarks

Anand gave a witty response to this person

The new season of the Pro Kabaddi League has commenced, featuring intense battles among players on the mat. The inaugural leg of this league, consisting of 12 teams, is being played in Ahmedabad. The points table for the nine teams has also been unveiled. Launched in 2014, the Pro Kabaddi League has become the second-most-watched sports league in India, following the Indian Premier League (IPL). Business tycoon Anand Mahindra shared his thoughts on this development through a tweet.

Anand Mahindra shared a video of the Pro Kabaddi League on social media, featuring intense match footage. He wrote, “Are you watching? Dont, if your heart can’t handle too much excitement…

In response to the post, a troll attempted to mock Anand Mahindra, commenting, “How much did Hotstar pay for this post?”

Anand Mahindra responded to the troll, winning everyone’s hearts with his reply. He wrote, “I started Pro Kabaddi myself, so if you watch the match, it would be a big favor to me. I value your enthusiasm more than money.” Along with this, he added two emojis, expressing a lighthearted tone.

Latest in Pro Kabaddi League

The Pro Kabaddi League witnessed two intense clashes on Monday. Puneri Paltan defeated defending champions Jaipur Pink Panthers 37-33, while Bengal Warriors secured a 32-30 victory against Bengaluru Bulls in the other match. Both contests showcased nail-biting competition. With two wins in as many matches, Gujarat Giants currently lead the points table. Dabang Delhi, Patna Pirates, and Haryana Steelers are yet to open their accounts in the league.


In a triumphant stand against cyberbullying, Anand Mahindra’s dignified response to the troll serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience athletes must exhibit in the face of online negativity. As the Pro Kabaddi League unfolds, Mahindra’s commitment to the sport resonates beyond mere financial considerations, emphasizing the significance of genuine enthusiasm over monetary gain. This incident underscores the broader issue of athletes navigating unwarranted criticism in the digital realm, highlighting the need for a supportive online environment for sports professionals.

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