13 Reasons Why FRIENDS Would Suck If Aired Today


NBC’s hit sitcom from the ’90s, FRIENDS was one of the best shows of its time, and still, it is on the binge watch list of almost every fan. Their comedy, connection, bond, struggles are just inevitable. It is one of the perfect shows to watch anytime, anywhere. And every time you watch, it will instantly elevate your mood. An amazing fact of the show is that it was aired in the 90s and is still one of the most liked sitcoms available.

But have you ever thought, what would happen, if FRIENDS was aired now? Would it be the same, or would it be any different? After giving a deep thought, I think things would definitely be a little different, and it would suck if it was to be aired now. To justify why I say so, let us check out a few points here:

FRIENDS Would Become Depressing

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The show is about a group of friends living in New York City facing their ups and downs. Their awful professional and dating experiences always made us laugh. But imagine the same show based in 2020 where every character gets crushed always. In the digital age, they would get dumped and fired from their job, and that is something we don’t want to be reminded about.

We know the truth where the Millenials of today live in small apartments, they hate their jobs, and many of them have bad roommates or neighbors. And they get bumped more than they go on an actual date. So, if the show airs now, it would be more of a depressing reality show from which you could relate too much. Just because it touched the same topics, but differently, we can relate to it and at the same time make humor out of it. But too much truth and reality can be depressing at times.

FRIENDS Could Become Annoying

ross geller is fine in this pic
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The same show, if aired today, would be annoying and irritating. It might not stay as hilarious as we know it today. It would not have the same feel and experience as before. Something will be off for you, and you won’t be able to point your finger on it. This is a show which is based on the 90s theme. In the 20th Century, we are surrounded by content like these, and it would have definitely lost its charm.

Also, few elements in the show, like live audience sound and imagery in a single set, can be off-putting for many viewers.

Phoebe Might Look Bizarre, In A Bad Way

phoebe with her psychic powers where she can hear voices
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Phoebe is one of the best characters in the show, and we love her. She is quirky, she is hilarious, and she is absolutely amazing. Her fans love her because she doesn’t seem to care what others think, and she stays true to herself. Right?

But, if FRIENDS aired today, Phoebe will be fully ruined because she will be too quirky for us, in a really bad way. She would make no sense and would suck. Her weird answers, weird dressing sense, and mannerisms might come on the radar for many viewers.

It Might Get Cancelled Too Soon

FRIENDS vs Joey-Spinoff
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The fact that FRIENDS successfully lasted for a decade is because it aired in the 90s. If it airs today, the show might find it difficult to go on for so long. Sounds sad, but that’s true. No matter how amazing feelings we have for the show, the rating today would stay low.

The plot of the show would be off-beat for the fans as the world is over it now. Seeing Friends hanging out on a couch might seem so casual. Back in those years, it was a radical change for the sitcom industry, but today it has become generic.

The Dating Pattern Would Change

joey tribbiani from friends expressionsHave you ever thought about what it would be like if all the six characters dated each other? As we all know, Ross and Rachel are always a thing, while Monica and Chandler are the couples we never knew about. We enjoyed watching them, but what about Joey and Rachel? We did not celebrate this couple on the show.

Sometimes, characters are better off as friends with literally no conflicts between them. However, if the show airs today, in a time when things like dating are more casual. And society is different, the plot would have changed. We might see everyone dating each other, and that would have created confusion. Moreover, it would have become a mess. FRIENDS is a show, that we can watch with kids too. But TV shows and movies coming up in today’s world are not the same. So FRIENDS might also feature some adulthood if aired in today’s world.

It Would Be Predictable

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Few plot lines in the show are unpredictable, and we love it. We hardly expected Chandler and Monica to get together. Also, we didn’t expect Rachel to fall for Ross and ditch her job in Paris back then.

But today, you can expect such a twist and plotlines because it has become common and kind of cheesy. Back then, we were amazed and excited, but today it might bore new viewers. So the time when the show was released was magic as well. Else today, it might not be able to do the same magic.

Spoilers Would Destroy Everything

Monica and Chandler from friends looking at each other
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When the show was aired in the 90s, spoilers hardly existed. But now, they are plenty, and it gets difficult to stay safe. Friends TV Show has small and cute elements of surprise which once revealed, is done forever. Can you imagine learning about Rachel carrying Ross’s child before you watched it for yourself? It would have really destroyed the fun.

There Would Be No Central Perk

artwork at the central perk cafe from friends
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In FRIENDS, we love it when all the six characters hang out in the Coffee Shop where Rachel and Joey once worked for a short time. The nostalgia linked to Central Perk and the Orange couch would be missing if the show gets aired today. Moreover, we doubt if Central Perk would be the same. Rather, it would have grown to be some other modern cafe near your house. It would have been a bar or any hipster café. The nostalgia linked to the show makes it even more special in today’s time.

Joey Would Be Too Dumb

joey tribbiani not the best person
Joey Tribbiani

We all love Joey and his cute dumbness. But writers were super careful and made sure that he is still a caring and compassionate person. He would never hurt anybody and would not do anything wrong. However, if the show would have aired now, he would look unnaturally dumb.

If modified for today, the creators might have no other choice than to change Joey’s character. Thereby, Joey would not be the same cute person as we know him.

Monica Would Be Mean

FRIENDS comedy
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Monica is lovely but a control freak as well. She can be super caring, and even though. Also, she can be kind of annoying sometimes. Monica’s character might get ruined if the show was aired today. In today’s world, where everyone is fighting for gender rights, it’s not possible to overrule the opposite gender. So the result would be a Monica whom most people might not like.

It Would Lose That Old School Vibe

rachel coming in as bride in first episode of friends
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The best thing about the show is that it makes us nostalgic. There are no slang, no obsession with social media, and no advanced phones. They have just each other and hang out all the time in Central Perk. This all would be gone if the show would have aired today. It will miss that old-school vibe.

The Show Might Look Discriminating

ross says chandler bing to be whatever he wants to be

FRIENDS is not a discriminating show. It enjoys that girls and guys hang out together in one big group, which is amazing. However, if the show would have aired today, the scenario would be totally different. Probably, the gang would have teased Ross for his divorces. Or no one would have teased Chandler or his father.

On several occasions, the sitcom somehow talks about the differences between men and women. For instance, the time when they were all playing games. If aired today, any discrimination would be off the table. We know it was all done on a lighter note but still not suitable for today’s world.

There Would Be No Ross And Rachel Breakup

times in friends when ross and rachel could have saved their relationship
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Ross and Rachel had an on and off relationship that we enjoyed watching. And the fun part about their romance is that they were on a break. This plotline kept us glued to the show, and things got interesting with the twists and turn along the way. Unfortunately, if FRIENDS was on the air today, this relationship would not have stayed the same. Either they would have broken up forever after Ross went with the other girl, or they would not have thought about going on break. In today’s world, breaks are not quite common in relationships. Or is it?

After reading the points above, you might now grateful that the show aired in the 90s. Some things are better the way they are. FRIENDS is one such thing! The show has a never-ending fan base, and the one reason is because of the attached nostalgia.