Sameer Wankhede fearless reply to SRK’s ‘Bete ko haath lagane se pehle’ Dialogue

Sameer Wankhede fearless reply to SRK's 'Bete ko haath lagane se pehle' Dialogue

In a sharp retort, Sameer Wankhede, the NCB officer overseeing the Mumbai cruise ship drug case, responded to Shah Rukh Khan’s recent movie dialogue, saying it sounded “very roadside.” The actor’s line, “Bete ko haath lagane se pehle, mere se poochna,” from the film drew attention. Wankhede dismissed it, emphasizing that real-life issues demand a more serious approach. The exchange adds a new layer to the ongoing controversies surrounding the NCB officer’s involvement in high-profile cases, creating a buzz on social media platforms.

Sameer Wankhede responds to Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogue ‘Bete ko haath lagane se pehle’: ‘This dialogue sounds very roadside’

Famous dialogue from the movie Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan’s character Vikram Rathore’s dialogue “Bete ko haath lagane se pehle…” from the movie “Jawaan” received attention, with some speculating it as an indirect reference to the Aryan Khan case. Aryan, SRK’s son, faced drug-related allegations but was eventually acquitted. Sameer Wankhede, the investigating officer in Aryan’s case, responded to the dialogue, dismissing it as “roadside.” The exchange adds a layer to the ongoing discussions surrounding Wankhede and the controversies related to high-profile cases, sparking conversations on social media platforms.

Sameer Wankhede responds to Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogue ‘Bete ko haath lagane se pehle’: ‘This dialogue sounds very roadside’

During a conversation with MensXP, Sameer Wankhede was questioned about the movie dialogue. He responded, “This dialogue sounds very roadside to me. I neither watch movies nor listen to any dialogues. I don’t know anything about this movie. But if someone has targeted this towards me, then I would like to respond to it in English.” He proceeded to quote another writer, stating, “I have burnt many houses and bridges and I have danced on those burnt houses and bridges so I fear no hell so please don’t scare me.”

Sameer refrained from providing comments on the ongoing case, considering its legal status. However, when questioned about his interactions with Shah Rukh Khan prior to the case, he mentioned that their encounters had always been friendly. ““I can’t comment on the case. But 2-3 times when we met before, it was all very cordial. He knew me quite well and I knew him quite well too,” he stated.

Shah Rukh Khan – Sameer Wankhede disputes

In a previous incident this year, accusations surfaced against Sameer Wankhede, claiming he extorted money from SRK to secure his son’s release from custody after the 2021 Cordelia cruise drug bust. Aryan spent a month in jail during that period. Sameer presented messages he purportedly received from Shah Rukh, asserting there was no evidence to support the claim that he sought money from the star.

Wankhede’s petition declared, “Allegations pertaining to the arrest of Aryan Khan being only an attempt for demanding money in exchange of his release are blatantly false and can be clearly seen from the messages sent by Mr Shahrukh Khan himself during the time Aryan was in the custody of NCB. Mr Shahrukh Khan has, vide his messages, clearly portrayed that he has no grievances against the Petitioner and has only requested to be kind to his son.”

Sameer Wankhede responds to Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogue ‘Bete ko haath lagane se pehle’: ‘This dialogue sounds very roadside’

As the real-life drama unfolds between Sameer Wankhede and Shah Rukh Khan, social media buzzes with opinions. The sharp exchange between the NCB officer and the Bollywood superstar adds intrigue to the ongoing controversies. Fans and critics weigh in on the serious implications of high-profile cases, blending reel and real-life narratives. The dialogue from “Jawaan” finds its way into the broader discourse, emphasizing the need for a nuanced approach to complex issues. The saga continues, captivating audiences, both online and beyond, with its twists and turns. Stay tuned for more updates on this riveting storyline!

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