20 Savage Replies You Can Say For The Best Comebacks

Savage Replies You Can Say For The Best Comebacks

In elementary school, the one thing that people learned that is common everywhere, was to learn the golden words- please, sorry, and thank you. We all learned that the foundation to be a good human was to follow the golden rule of always being well mannered and polite. What we did not learn, however, was the reality of the world. That the world was not all sunshine and roses and sometimes we will get in really bad situations. The only way to survive is to stand up for ourselves. Now, over time most of us have had to deal with negative comments. While ignoring these people and comments would be the best policy, the satisfaction of a witty and savage reply is like no other.

Scroll down the article to find ideas for savage replies that you could use for the next time you need a comeback.

1) How To Deal With A Narcissist

savage reply to a narsissist
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We all have met them, and we all know they are the worst kinds of people to hang out with. Narcissists are that people with the annoying ability to make everything about themselves. You have a problem, well if you mention it around a narcissist, they will just come back with a bigger life crisis they are going through. The reply to them is to just politely call them out and thank them for yet again, making everything about themselves.

2) Savage Comebacks When People Call You Jealous

reply for jealous
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There are certainly people in our lives that are special. If anything even remotely good happens to them, we just want to celebrate. While others are just acquaintances. So if an acquaintance shares any news with us, we just want to congratulate them and move on but sometimes these situations get annoying. People might call you jealous for not celebrating enough when in reality, it’s not jealousy just indifference. Well, we have the perfect reply for these situations.

3) When People Call You A Loser

reply to a jerk
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There are certainly people in this world that can only feel good about themselves when they knock someone down. So the next time a jerk calls you a loser, remember it’s not on you but it’s their own character flaw. While talking to these people, sarcasm would be the way to go.

4) Annoying A booklover

booklover reply
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For a booklover, the most annoying people would be the ones, who discourage you from reading by saying that any movie can be a replacement. While movies are great, nothing can come close to the imagination you can have while reading. Here we have a classic reply for these annoying people, just use their logic against them.

5) When People Call You A Nerd

reply to being called a nerd
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There is nothing more useless in the world than a person who thinks being unintelligent or not caring about their academics is cool. Calling someone a nerd is apparently a new way of bullying people who are more hardworking and focused on academics. In a nutshell, being a nerd is better than being a dumb jerk. So the next time someone calls you a nerd, take it as a compliment and reply with a witty comment.

6) Savage Comebacks When People Say You Have Changed

reply to a immature person
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The truest quote in the world is – “ Change is the only constant in life”. When you grow up, you start figuring out life for yourself. This includes a remarkable change in actions, thoughts, outlook, personality, dreams, and aspirations. The ability to change and evolve is a trait of a maturing person. So if someone stands in the middle of your progress with their immaturity, simply let them know that it’s high time they grow up too.

7) When People Call You Cheap

reply to being called cheap
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The financial situation is a complicated topic. Everybody has different amounts of money, and so what might seem less to one person is a treasure to another. The thing to do in life is, whether you are in a group setting or alone, always stick to your budget. But of course, there will always be people who like to meddle in others’ finances, just use this sarcastic reply and pay for your own needs.

8) When People Criticize Your Dream

reply to when someone calls your dreams stupid
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Everyone in the world has different purposes in life. The beautiful thing about mankind is that, even with millions of brains working together, each has a different aspiration. We all have dreams that are unique and equally important, so if a person critics your aspiration, they are toxic for your path. Just let them know that their advice is useless to you with this reply.

9) Comeback Quotes When People Tell You They Are Mad At You

reply for i am mad at you
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When a friend is mad, obviously our response would be to find out the problem, apologize and move ahead. But then some people certainly think way too highly of themselves. When an acquaintance tells us there are mad at us, apart from the confusion there is not much change in our lives. So the next time a person who you don’t really care about uses this line, go for our reply.

10) When People Call You Stupid

reply to being called stupid
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Life is all about learning things as you grow up. It is ok not to know everything, as long as you are open to learning. There is no perfect person in the world. While you will meet people who would try to shame you for knowing less, just remind them they are not Goggle and need to foremost learn humility.

11) When People Don’t Listen To Your Pont Of View

reply for when someone dosent listen to your opinion
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The mark of a maturing person has to be the ability to hold a respectable conversation. It’s fine to hold on to your opinions but it’s important to listen to everyone. To debate with a know-it-all unfortunately is impossible, for they just can’t acknowledge anyone else comments. Use this comeback the next time you find yourself in a similar situation.

12) When People Make Fun Of Your Appearance

reply to when someone makes fun of your appearence
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Appearances of different people, should not and cannot be compared. Everyone has a different ethnic background, life, and genetics. You realize that everyone has beauty in their uniqueness. Only the most immature person can make fun of anyone’s appearance and these people should be called out.

13) When People Won’t Stop Interfering In Your Life

reply to people who meddle
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People go through several things in life, and most of them, we prefer to keep quiet about and deal with it. However, there will always be people ready to meddle to gossip or make fun of you. These people could win a gold medal for their expertise in interfering in everyone’s personal matters. Dealing with them can be hard but using this reply could make it easier.

14) Comeback Quotes When People Try To Bully You

reply to a bully
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Bullies are really the epitome of waste on Earth. Bullying at any stage of life can cause severe mental, emotional, and physical harm to people. Everyone needs to stand up to bullies for themselves and others. You could use this reply to begin.

15) When Cruel People Ask For Forgiveness

reply to a cruel person
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While we may have been taught our entire lives that forgiveness is important, sometimes is not the best option. Life and people can get difficult as you grow up, and sometimes certain situations are downright cruel. In those times, finding forgives can be hard and to be honest, not necessary. The next time a cruel person asks for forgiveness, use this comeback.

16) When People Comment On Your Weight

When people comment on your weight
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All sizes and shapes in people are not only natural but beautiful. There is evidence that people who might not stand in the perfect health bracket, do so because they could suffer from several things like, PCOD or PCOS, eating disorders, depression, or difficult gut health. Commenting on people’s weight is only unnecessary but cruel, and these people should very well be called stupid for stupid comments.

17) When People Roll Their Eyes

reply to people who roll their eyes
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There could be nothing more infuriating than people who roll their eyes in the middle of a conversation. Only is this gesture rude but also displays the person’s inability to form a logical reply. Use this reply whenever people start to be disrespectful to you.

18) When People Try To Make Fun Of You Publicly

Reply to people who embarass you publically
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One of the most pitiful sights to see is a person making fun of someone else to look better. It is pitiful because only a person who is deeply unhappy with himself needs to make fun of others to shine. While these people might talk a lot, it’s clear that it is absolute nonsense. Reply to this kind of person with this comment.

19) When Someone Has a Crush On You

reply to people who have a crush on you
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Life is short. In this short life, it’s always better to love and learn to appreciate yourself. So if you are told someone has a crush on you, don’t shy away from compliments and embrace how awesome you are.

20) When Someone Creates Drama

people who like to start drama
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Hanging out with people who like to create drama out of every situation is like running a marathon, its exhausting. Certain people just like to enjoy life by making sure they cause trouble wherever they go. While ignoring such people would be in the best interest, it’s more satisfying to comment on their behavior.