You Are The ROSS GELLER Of Your Group If You Do These

signs to show you are loved like ross geller in your friends group
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When we talk about FRIENDS, we certainly can’t miss out our one of the favorite characters from the show, Ross Geller. Besides being an amazing friend, he is also a supporting brother, an understanding ex-husband, and the biggest romantic psycho of the gang. He is the smartest one in the group but a total freak too.

Every group of friends has a character like Ross who thinks he is the smartest guy and the nicest person, even though his actions often say otherwise. And, if you relate to these signs, you probably are the Ross Geller of your gang:

Complete Nerd

ross geller in his museum playing with his dinosaurs as a nerd
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If you love something, you don’t do it halfway. You are totally passionate about it. Be it dinosaurs or Greek philosophy, when it comes to it, you come off as a complete nerd to your friends.

Grammar Nazi

If you have the compulsive need to correct other people’s grammar, then you are the Ross of the group. Mostly you do it in your head, but there are times when you just can’t hold it back anymore.

Suck At Relationships

Ross and Carol
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You are a die-hard romantic person, but you don’t seem to be fortunate enough when it comes to romance. God forbid! But chances are you probably married a gay or messed up your own wedding. In case, if you haven’t done it yet, then at least you are better than the actual Ross Geller.

Stubborn As Hell

You never put your foot down on what you believe or said. It is annoying as hell and might get you into loads of trouble, but you will never budge and always stick to it. If you have a habit like this, then boy, you are definitely Ross!

Loves Music But Terrible At It

If you love music and even tried your hand at some instruments but probably suck at it, then you are, you know it! Maybe you even tried to sing along while playing but nope, no luck there too. But it’s ok, you tried. If not a musician, you could at least be the Ross of your group.

Anger Issues

ross geller angry because someone ate his sandwich and he shouts my sandwich
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Remember the “You ate my Sandwich” episode? If you are like that, then beware. You are usually a nice person, but when it comes to your temper tantrum, people prefer to stay clear of your rage zone. Because you are damn possessive about your stuff. A little bit of tantrum is fine but a level when even a sandwich can make you that angry is horrible.

Annoying Roommate

ross and his bad habits that forced joey and chandler to force him away
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You are an amazing person to hang out with, but living with you might turn out as a nightmare. You have certain standards which you can’t compromise, and you can’t help it either. Your standards might at times cost you a pissed off roommate as well, but that’s ok for you. In case, if you are relating yourself to Ross but haven’t experienced this point yet, then think of the last time you were staying with someone. Did he ever try to kick you out politely, just like Chandler and Joey did?

Relationship Guru

If you are like Ross, then probably you suck at relationships. But it won’t be a surprise to know that you are good at giving good relationship advice. Because your bad experiences count. You know the tricky parts and slippery slopes of maneuvering a relationship. And, you are the one who always helps your buddies out.

Total Smartass

If you are the smartest in the school and the most educated and cultured among your friends, then you are the Ross of your group. However, the only annoying thing about it is that you NEVER let them forget how smartass you are. Chill Ross, you don’t have to prove yourself always!

Amazing Friend

ross gifted a cycle to phoebe and then taught her to ride it
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You might be a total freak or annoyingly smartass, but just like Ross Geller, your gang knows that you are a great friend. You are the one whom they count on during the tough times. You are the one who can help them and try to understand them. You are the one who gives good advice. And sometimes they might search for you for some laughs, but you know, that would be rare because Chandler’s got the show there.