Swiggy responds as Customer complaints about Live Snail in Salad

Swiggy responds as Customer complaints about Live Snail in Salad

In a bizarre culinary encounter, a Swiggy customer recently raised eyebrows when reporting the unexpected addition of a live snail in their salad. The incident sparked a flurry of attention on social media, prompting the company to respond swiftly to the complaint. As the tale of the surprise salad guest went viral, it raised questions about food quality control in the delivery service. Join us as we delve into the unusual incident and explore Swiggy’s response to ensure such surprises don’t become a trend.


Serving food with snail

Upon ordering a plate of salad from Swiggy, a man received an unexpected “topping” – a live snail. Expressing his surprise, he shared a video on social media platform X, showcasing the unexpected addition atop the salad veggies. The post quickly garnered attention, eliciting diverse comments from users. Notably, Swiggy responded to the incident, addressing the unforeseen twist in the customer’s culinary experience and adding a layer of discussion about the quality of food in delivery services.


Dhaval Singh, a user on platform X, expressed dissatisfaction, stating, “Never ordering from @LeonGrill ever again! @SwiggyCares do whatever you can to ensure this s*** doesn’t happen to others. Bengaluru (sic) folks take note. Ughhhhh.” Singh accompanied the tweet with a video showcasing the incident.

The video commences by revealing a bowl brimming with salad, featuring a small snail resting atop various vegetables. Throughout the clip, the creature is observable, displaying movement.

What Singh did?

Singh took to his Reddit page to share details about the incident. Expressing his dissatisfaction, he warned fellow users, “Don’t order from Leon’s grill please Ordered a salad. Had a live f****** snail in the lettuce. Thankfully I noticed it. Never ordering from this place again. Utterly disgusted. Please don’t order if possible from here. Even if you do, be careful when consuming food from outside.”

What Swiggy did?

Swiggy contacted Singh on X, requesting details of his order and labeling the incident as “terrible.” Responding to a Reddit comment, Singh shared the steps taken by Swiggy, stating, “Raised an issue on Swiggy. First, they offered partial, but soon offered a full refund.”

Shared on December 16, the clip has garnered over 800 views and numerous comments since then.

Here is how the users reacted

An X user expressed, “This is bad” Another suggested, “Actually, they included an add-on topping of sea-food @SwiggyCares at least maintain the quality experience for your genuine customers and refund his amount and offer some coupon code so he can order any new dish in terms of compensation.” A third user exclaimed, “That’s outrageous! Nowadays Swiggy has become ignorant. A few days ago their delivery executive stole my order, and customer support confirmed the same. They took almost 20 days to refund and that too I had to enquire every day. Ugh! It was irritating.”

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