The Shami-Jahan-Ghosh love triangle Saga Revealed!


In a whirlwind of unexpected twists lies Hasin Jahan. She was the wife of cricketer Mohammed Shami. Now, she is making headlines with her response to Payal Ghosh’s surprising marriage proposal for the Indian pacer. The world of cricket finds itself amidst a storm of speculation and emotions. Join us as we unravel the drama, emotions, and the unexpected in this unfolding chapter of love and cricket.

Shami got marriage proposal

On Wednesday, Mohammed Shami achieved a historic feat, securing the highest number of wickets ever by an Indian bowler in a 50-over World Cup. This remarkable performance unfolded during the World Cup 2023 semi-final against New Zealand, where Shami claimed 7 wickets.

While enjoying his cricket triumphs, Mohammed Shami got a surprising marriage proposal from actress-turned-politician Payal Ghosh. She expressed her willingness to be Shami’s second wife.


On her social media, Payal Ghosh proposed to the Indian pacer, stating,

“Shami Tum apna English sudharlo, I’m ready to marry you.”

Translating as “Shami, improve your English, and I’m willing to marry you.”

Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan, who wed in 2014 and faced a tumultuous split in 2018, are estranged. Accusations of infidelity, match-fixing, and domestic violence marked their separation. Recently, actress-politician Payal Ghosh proposed to Shami on social media. When asked, Jahan, reflecting on the challenges celebrities face, deemed such occurrences normal but declined to delve into details. Their relationship, once a publicized union, has evolved into a private journey of complexities, where Ghosh’s proposal adds a new layer to the narrative, leaving Jahan’s response measured and restrained.

Who is Payal Ghosh??

Born in 1992 in Kolkata, Payal Ghosh, a Bollywood actress, pursued her education at St. Paul’s Mission School and earned a degree in political science from Scottish Church College. Venturing to Mumbai for a film career, Ghosh received her breakthrough from Chandra Sekhar Yeleti in “Prayanam.” Her filmography includes titles like “Varshadhaare,” “Oosaraveli,” “Mr Rascal,” and “Patel ki Punjabi Shaadi.”

Mohammad shami

In 2020, she assumed the role of Vice President in the women’s wing of Ramdas Athawale’s political party. Ghosh’s journey encompasses both the glitz of Bollywood and an active involvement in political affairs.

Hasin Jahan’s bitter take on Shami

In the midst of acclaim for Shami’s cricket skills, Hasin Jahan wishes he displayed the same goodness in his personal life. She expresses that a harmonious family life could have been possible if he were not only a talented player but also a good person, husband, and father. Jahan emphasizes the importance of character off the field, longing for a life where cricketing success aligns with qualities of goodness, respect, and honor in personal relationships.

Mohammad shami family

She said, “If he were also a good person, as good a player as he is, we could have led a good life. My daughter, my husband, and I could have led a happy life if he were a good person. And it would be even more a matter of respect and honor if he were not only a good player but also a good husband and a good father.”

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