This girl gets Rs 3 crore annually to relax and travel, know why

This girl gets Rs 3 crore annually to relax and travel, know why

Meet Yelena Lala, a 25-year-old featured in a recent New York Post article. She’s taking a unique path, breaking away from the usual career and financial independence routes for women in the 21st century. Despite her education, Yelena chooses not to splurge on herself; instead, she relies on her boyfriend to handle all her expenses.

Jab They Met

Embarking on a whirlwind romance initiated through an Instagram direct message, Yelena Lala, a 25-year-old stay-at-home girlfriend, discloses that her tech mogul boyfriend—opting to keep his identity confidential—has spared no expense in lavishing her with a life of opulence.

Having expended a staggering $1.25 million (£1m) on travels to 55 countries and luxurious stays in five-star hotels, Yelena is actively living out a stress-free, jet-setting dream.

In September 2020, the love story unfolded as Yelena’s enigmatic beau initiated contact with her through social media. Just a month later, he hopped on a flight from New York to Paris to meet her, and on their third date, they found themselves in the enchanting South of France. The connection was immediate, propelling the couple into a journey that has whisked them away to exotic destinations around the globe.

Who is Yelena??

Originally hailing from France, Yelena is the proud owner of her own jewellery brand. However, she has opted to embrace a life of leisure, with her boyfriend covering all expenses. She articulates, “Every bill is on him. I don’t have to worry about anything, leading a stress-free life. That’s my mindset – every cost is on the man. You shouldn’t settle; your soulmate is out there.” The couple, officially committing to exclusivity in January 2021, has spent the past three years jetting off to various countries, including Namibia, New York, Mexico, Lapland, and many more.

With meticulous planning, Yelena’s boyfriend orchestrates their trips, sweeping her away to five-star Marriott hotels where every detail is carefully attended to.

Promptly fulfilling desires such as flowers and perfume, Yelena’s boyfriend ensures their lifestyle is described as very spontaneous. Yelena elaborates, saying, “It’s very spontaneous. He’ll announce, ‘Tomorrow we’re going to Japan,’ or, ‘Lapland – that was amazing.’ I adore anything with animals. Costa Rica was incredible. I never plan anything unless it’s something I want to do.”

Yelena’s wish

Despite their whirlwind globe-trotting adventure, Yelena expresses a desire to establish a more permanent base with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, visa issues have presented a challenge to their plans.

Meanwhile, she luxuriates in opulence, savouring the finer aspects of life and maintaining a leisurely routine. Sharing her perspective, she mentions, “I have a nail person in most countries – which is amusing. I’m thoroughly enjoying life. It’s always upscale hotels – he possesses exquisite taste. Our accommodations include Marriott hotels from luxurious collections.”

With no indication of slowing down, Yelena continues to revel in her role as a “traveling girlfriend,” asserting, “I believe it’s a man’s responsibility to care for a woman. When a man genuinely loves a woman, he instinctively provides to the extent he can. I’ll forever be a traveling girlfriend.”

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