Employee asked for medical leave but boss’s reply made him to quit the job

Employee asked for medical leave but boss's reply made him to quit the job

A trending social media post has sparked a lively discussion about workplace culture and employee rights. It seems an employee decided to leave their job following the denial of a sick leave request. In a recent situation, an employee shared an encounter where their boss insisted on a doctor’s note and declined to approve sick leave without it. The employee had notified the boss about waking up with cold sweats and had requested a day off.

Swagger Exit! Redditor Quits Job As Boss Requests 'Doctor's Note' For Sick Leave

Cold Sweats!! Employee asked for medical leave

By sharing a screenshot of the chat with their manager, the Reddit user initiated a wave of criticism, shedding light on a contentious issue surrounding work, health, and financial constraints that numerous employees face. In the shared image, the user communicated feeling unwell to the supervisor in the chat, detailing chills and a gradually increasing body temperature.

Swagger Exit! Redditor Quits Job As Boss Requests 'Doctor's Note' For Sick Leave

Expressing reluctance, the employee messaged the boss on WhatsApp, stating, “I hate to do this, but I woke up with cold sweats.” The message went on to explain the presence of a fever and an overall feeling of discomfort.

Responding to the message, the boss instructed the employee to furnish a doctor’s note for an excused absence, stating, “Please get a doctor’s note for an excused absence.”

In reaction, the employee informed the reporting manager that they hadn’t consulted a doctor in three years and currently lacked the financial means to do so. The message conveyed, “I haven’t been to a doctor in three years. I don’t have the money to go to a doctor for a fever. Yesterday, I made the equivalent of $8 an hour. Is the doctor’s visit covered by the company?”

Employee asked for medical leave but boss's reply made him to quit the job

Persisting in questioning whether the employee, who mentioned having a fever, could still handle work, the boss’s response left the employee frustrated, leading them to resign on the spot.

Users are giving out!

The Reddit post garnered widespread attention, with many users expressing disapproval of the boss’s stance on the employee’s sick leave request.

One user criticised the situation, commenting, “It’s crazy. I’m in charge of some people, and they tend to come in while sick anyways (workaholics). I’ve told them the last thing you’re doing while sick is coming in and getting everyone else sick. For my own selfish reasons, I don’t allow people to come in sick, yet this OP’s boss is trying to force them unless they have a note.”

Another user highlighted the significance of staying home when unwell, asserting, “If you have a fever, you’re almost certainly contagious, and you need to stay home until at least 24 hours after your fever is gone when not medicated. This was the instruction I explicitly gave my employees when I was a people manager. Companies that compel people to work while sick should be subject to taxes to fund the public health systems necessary to address the issues they create.”

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