Tripti Dimri reacts to controversial lick my shoe scene in Animal

Tripti Dimri reacts to controversial lick my shoe scene in Animal

The film “Animal” has sparked a discussion on the extent of misogyny permissible in movies. portraying Ranbir Kapoor as the latest symbol of sexism in Indian cinema and endorsing patriarchy unapologetically. Despite these concerns, Tripti Dimri, who holds a significant role in the film, finds a glimmer of hope.

Tripti Dimri

Aside from Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol, Tripti Dimri is gaining immense recognition for her portrayal of Zoya in ‘Animal’. Despite her cameo role, fans are praising her for both her natural beauty and acting prowess.

Fans love to see Tripti Dimri with Ranbir

The chemistry between Tripti Dimri and Ranbir Kapoor has become a hot topic of discussion. She portrays the character of Zoya, also known as Bhabhi 2, the girl with whom Ranbir cheats on Rashmika. Their intimate scene has garnered significant attention.

In a recent interview, the actress justified the decisions. And overtly sexist actions of Ranvijay Singh, portrayed by Ranbir’s character in the film. This includes the highly derogatory scene. Where he instructs her to ‘lick his shoe’ as a test of her loyalty in love. In the scene, Ranvijay asks her to prove her love by licking his shoe. But when she begins to do so, he walks away. Tripti interprets his departure and refusal to let the woman lick his shoe as indicative of his complex emotions.

Not being judgemental

While conversing with Indian Express, the actress, renowned for her roles in content-driven films like Bulbbul and Qala, mentioned that she reconsidered the scene. Tripti stated, “I also thought that here was a woman who talks about killing his wife, father, kids, the entire family . If someone tells me that, I will perhaps beat that person! Here, he does ask her to do that (lick his shoe) but also walks away later. He is clearly going through a lot of these (intense thoughts). Later when his cousins ask her what they should do with me, he says ‘Let her go wherever she wants to’.”

Tripti may have found something less problematic about Rannvijay in Animal. But she emphasised that she is not judging any character. In her subsequent statement, she promptly highlighted how she has learned to play all characters and not judge a character’s ‘motivations.’ She said, “Never judge your character. The characters you are playing, and the character your co-actor is playing. All are human and humans have good and bad sides. An actor must prepare to portray characters across the spectrum of good, bad, and ugly. But if you judge a character’s motivations, and thoughts, you won’t be able to play it with honesty. So that’s what I kept in mind.”

Tripti Dimri loves the label ‘Bhabhi 2’

Additionally, Tripti takes pride in the label ‘Bhabhi 2’ (the other woman), bestowed upon her after her character in Animal. In the same interview, she states, “It does flatter me. Numbers are also a validation; it is a very visible form of love and I am grateful for that. But as an actor, I don’t want to become entangled in that. I know that people are also calling me that (Bhabhi 2) and honestly it just feels very, very overwhelming.”


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Fans are of the opinion that Tripti Dimri stole the show with her chemistry with Ranbir, reportedly surpassing Rashmika in the film. Despite having less screen time, the actress made a lasting impression through her appearance in the film. And is now being hailed as the ‘national crush.’


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The actor may have had a small role in Animal, a never-seen-before celebration of misogyny in Bollywood, but she is better remembered for her stronger performances. Notably, for portraying the titular role in Bulbbul, where she challenges the idea of a society that labels strong women as witches. Additionally, for playing a talented singer in Qala who struggles to be acknowledged and appreciated in a male-dominated industry.

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