10 Indian Web Series That Will Restore Faith In Indian Entertainment

best indian web series to watch

Web series is the new trend! The creators are now open-minded and making contents out of the box. We have created a whole new world with the Indian web series. For online binge-watchers, there are a plethora of options to choose from, consisting of horror, crime, thriller, comedy, drama, sci-fi and others alike.

Today, Indian web series has grown to become one of the best sources of inspiration and entertainment.

Some web series have genuinely restored our faith in Indian entertainment. Or else the Indian film industry is rarely releasing movies that are out of the box. The movies have the same storylines, the same love story and not so many horror movies. So who doesn’t like a bit of change?

Here is a list of 10 Indian web series you must watch-

Sacred Games

When sacred games hit the online streaming platform, it garnered a huge fan base. Youngsters hyped the show and enjoyed watching it. The series is one of the best with the perfect mixture of action, crime, and drama, executed with perfection. Once you start watching this series, you will find yourself travelling through mystery, suspense, corruption in law and lots and lots of action. Each episode will make you want to watch more of it. You will feel like glued to the series! Actually, the ending of each episode is the reason why people have hyped it so much. People of every generation must watch this web series.


A series that has the perfect combination of impeccable acting and exciting plots. This series has gained a lot of public attention and streams on Amazon Prime. The thriller series has a plot that revolves around guns, mafia, drugs and mayhem. The more you watch, the more exciting it gets.


A crime series that has undoubtedly taken Indian storytelling to another level. The plot revolves around the lives of ordinary men who face unexpected circumstances. It is exciting to watch how the drama unfolds between the suspect who is trying to save his dying son and the police officer. This suspense crime series is a must-watch. You will totally love it.

Delhi Crime

The first season is a success and the release of the second season is going to be exciting. The series revolves around real rape cases that have plagued our country and society. It has won major critical acclaims. The series unravels the events of the Nirbhaya case that shook the country in 2012. Delhi crime tells the story from the perspective of the Delhi police and how they dealt with the brutal rape case. You must watch this series.

Permanent Roommates

This mixture of drama and comedy is quite popular among the youths. The acting and storyline are great. Long-distance lovers can relate to this cute love story. Both the seasons released till now are liked by the audience. Love, drama and related matters are some of the common emotions that young Indians face and this series has it all. Stream it now!

Four More Shots Please!

A story of four young girls who are best friends! The series seems to have taken inspiration from sex and the city; the story shows how women struggle to live in Indian society. The series explores female viewpoints on relationships, career and friendships.

Little Things

A sweet love story which highlights the fact that little things matter! This series captures the dilemmas and joys of a modern-day couple. The series has shown the different stages a couple goes through and will enlighten one on how to keep the spark in the relationship. The series is undoubtedly a refreshing take on the modern reality of a couple whose relationships have aged but still is rock solid. If you love to watch realistic love stories, then this is the right series for you. It’s cute and relaxing!

The Family Man

A series worth watching! Starring Manoj Bajpayee. The Family Man is an original Amazon prime series and is one of the best web series you will ever get from the Indian Media. Real events have inspired the storyline of the web series.

The performance of Manoj Bajpayee defines sheer excellence, and it keeps you glued to the series until the very end. The storyline is perfect, based on homegrown terrorism and a radical take at the validity of Muslim terrorism. The second season is releasing soon, stay tuned because you will want to watch it after you complete the first.


Who has not watched it yet? If you have not, you are missing out on a lot of fun. An outstanding series aired on TVF and based on the sibling relationship. It teaches a valuable lesson on loving and hating each other and all the other perks of having a brother or sister. A road trip will make them realise their love and affection for each other and also help them understand the mistakes they made. The series has touched problems like failed marriages, relationships, unsuccessful jobs and other obstacles. A perfect combination of drama, comedy, emotion, and family love, it will make your day splendid. You will realise the bond of siblings and that love for them is constant.

Man’s World

A tiny web series with four episodes but worth watching! It shows how the world will be if men were women and women were men. And it’s oddly funny, weird and exciting. When the roles get reversed, you can see the society flip and how men treat women unfairly and condescendingly all the time.

So you already found the ten must-watch web series with incredible storylines. Why are you still reading it! Just go and enjoy the love stories, drama, comedy, thriller, crime, family and all types of web series which we have selected only for you. Who doesn’t love entertainment? Now it’s time for you to stick to your screen.