Games To Play With Family And Friends During The Lockdown

list of ga,es to play with family and friends
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Twenty-one days lockdown due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic is an appreciable move, but it has led India to boredom! Staying at home can be frustrating because you can’t have any physical contact with your friends, have nothing to do rather than sleeping or eating, see the same faces for 24 hours, and a lot more panicking things. Unfortunately, this is a daily routine which will bug us the entire lockdown period. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are full of trends like tagging each other, saying Hi and describing you, quoting slogans against COVID-19, and all these show how much the people are bored.

In this modern era, everything is digitals; it is not like the old times where we have to go outside to play or go out and meet friends to enjoy. Now we have everything we need in our Phones. It’s the right time to make use of this fact. There are a lot of games online to keep you engaged, and they have multiplayer mode as well to involve your family and friends.

Some right games to play during this 21 Day quarantine and help us win over the boredom are right here to try:

Ludo king

Recall your childhood while playing this game with your friends and families. Roll the dice, move your tokens to reach the centre and while doing it you can have a lot of gossips and fights. We all know how to play ludo; you can play ludo for hours and have fun without getting bored. 

Ludo king also has Snake and Ladder; the game which we Indians have played and enjoyed for years now. Play it with your family and friends and become the ludo king. Go nostalgic and enjoy the coming days. Don’t let these 21days ruin your mood.

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Carrom Pool

Remember the time when youngsters would gather around a carrom table all evening and play endless rounds without even realizing it, now you too can relive those times without owning a carrom board! Yes, download this game onto your smartphone, and your time will surely fly away. Don’t forget to challenge your friends in a one on one match; it’s the best way to show your worth!

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Uno Friends

Card games are fun to play and even more fun when you can play it online with anyone and anytime. This card game is the best if you want to enjoy your time with friends in this lockdown. Uno has been a fun game for decades and is still unbeatable. The objective of the game is to finish all your cards before anyone else. But Hey! Don’t forget to tap “Uno” before you can win. 

Brownie points of Online UNO: you don’t have to shuffle cards each time you play. And you can’t lose cards here. Just sit, relax and play with your friends. Get rid of your boredom now. 

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Words with friends 2

If this lockdown is jamming your brain, then this game is here for your rescue. Make your mind work out daily and challenge your friends too; to make sure their brains don’t rust away in 21 days?. Words with Friends is a game where you will have fun, and also you can do something productive in these 21 days. You can expand your vocabulary and show off your spelling skills starting from today.

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Mini Militia

Mini Militia has always fascinated people a lot, those who have not played it yet should try it once. There was a time when College students, Youngsters, were all crazy for this game, and even today, it has a special place in our hearts. This game offers a 2D online multiplayer experience for up to 6 players where they can fly around using a jetpack and kill their enemies. The most fun and exciting parts of this game are that it is a cartoon based shooting game- it’s cute! Yet an energetic experience. Play this game with your friends, challenge them and find out the best shooter among you.

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Business tour- Built your Monopoly

Monopoly is a strategic board game which holds inexpressible emotion in everyone’s life. It is all about choosing a strategy, business skills and tricks. In our busy lives, we will never get a chance to play a game like this, but now these 21 days allows you to play and enjoy this game with your friends. Wait! Don’t you have a monopoly board? No worries, we have an online version just for you. Start inviting your friends and show who the real business shark is.

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8 ball pool

Most of us have this fantasy of playing pool on a pool table but never knew how to play, too busy to learn and try. Well, now you can learn how to play, and you don’t need a pool table. You can learn, play, and practice on your mobile phones and then compete with your friends too. Once you start playing this game, 21 days will seem less to you. And for those who know how to play pool in real life, they can surely show off their skills to friends while at home!

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Glow Hockey 2

If you are a hockey lover this is the best game for you to play in this lockdown. This game delivers a new experience while capturing the true essence of the game. You can challenge yourself to level up your skills or play it with your friends to kill time and enjoy. For those who are not hockey lovers, give it a try, it is easy to play but hard to master. But surely you will start loving hockey once you get the taste of this on your phone.

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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world which is now available for free on your phone too. You too can win this game as the fair dealer never cheats! This App is a modern take on the classic casino card game where the object is to reach 21 or to reach a score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21. If you know how to play and love to play blackjack, you can’t miss installing this on your phone because it will be your best friend during this lockdown. 

In case you don’t know how to play, there’s a manual at your rescue. So don’t miss out learning this new game. After all, you have 21 days to do something exciting!

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Clash of Clans

If you want a kingdom of your own then clash of clans is the right game for you. Experience an epic combat strategy game where you can build your village, train your troops, fight against the goblin king, plan your unique strategies, go to battle and more. Test your skills and prove to your friends that you’re the best.

Play this game now if you love adventure!

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Here we have listed some of the most common and popular games which can help you connect with your friends and family in this lockdown. If you are a hardcore gamer and love to experiment with new games always, then you might have already tried all of these. So you can be the one who can leave more suggestions in the comments section. Let us fight these difficult times with a smile and a plan to get rid of boredom. Maybe the virtual world with adventure, childhood memories and passion is one the best ways to survive these 21 Days successfully.