10 Money Heist Off-Screen Facts Most Fans Don’t Know!


Money Heist is no more a series; it has proved to be a phenomenon, a resistance. It has created followers out of us and not mere viewers. People now believe The Professor and are waiting to see his next move in the upcoming Season. The Story extended and shown to us has always been fascinating; it never failed to mesmerise us.

But, do you know the stories behind the screen? That’s fascinating as well! So here we have brought to you 10 amazing facts about our favourite web-series: La Casa De Papel

  1. The original title of the modern-day Money Heist web-series was ‘Los Desahuciados’ which in Spanish, means ‘The hopeless’. Later they changed it to ‘La Casa De Papel’ meaning ‘The Paper House’. And we can’t imagine anything better that would have suited it!

    la casa de papel whole group
    Photo Credit: forbesimg
  2. As we know, all the members of the gang had names based on cities, out of all of them, Tokyo was the first character to get a name. Jesus Colmenar, the co-director and co-producer of Money Heist, said that when Money Heist creator Alex Pina came to work wearing a shirt which had ‘Tokyo’ printed on it. Colmenar decided to name a character in the show as Tokyo. 15 minutes later he named them all as Berlin, Moscow, Denver, Nairobi, Oslo, Rio and Helsinki.

    la casa de papel or money heist directors
    Right to Left: Jesus Colmenar, -, Koldo Serra, Nacho Manubens, Alex Pina | Photo Credit: zimbio
  3. La Casa De Papel’ was premiered on Spanish network Antenna 3 in May 2017, the show had the best premiere of a Spanish TV show since April 2015, but the viewers dropped later, it had less than half of original viewers. The cast and crew accepted that it was a failure and declared there wouldn’t be any second season. But things changed after Netflix acquired the show and renamed it to Money Heist for American Audience. Even without much advertisement, Netflix could see their investment giving visible results.

    money heist old poster with antenna 3
    Old Poster of Money Heist while it was telecasted by Antenna 3 | Photo Credit: fandom
  4. Bella Ciao has left quite an impact on viewers’ minds. It’s an Italian Protest Folk song that plays multiple times, mainly in the key scenes and has become one of the many things loved by the viewers. Bella ciao originated amidst the hardship faced by the mondina women(field workers in the late 19th century in North Italy) working in the harsh fields of North Italy.

    Later, the song was modified and adopted as an anthem by the anti-fascist Italian partisans in World war 2. And we can’t argue the same song fitted very well in the series where The Professor intends to be the resistance.

    anti-fascist Italian partisans in World war 2
    anti-fascist Italian partisans in World war 2 | Photo Credit: grandvoyageitaly
  5. According to the creators, the Professor was meant to be the original narrator of the show. Then they tried to give the role to Moscow for a more light-hearted and down to heart tone. But Tokio got the part as they liked her feminine perspective in a cold and masculine setting.

    tokio the narrator of money heist
    Photo Credit: wallpapercave
  6. The most shocking fact about Money Heist is that the script of the series was not pre-written; instead, they were written weekly along with shooting. Insane right?

    money heist shooting scene in front of bank of spain
    A scene from the shooting site of Money Heist | Photo Credit: allaboutitaly
  7. The Dali Mask and Red jumpsuits made quite an impression. It was seen quite frequently during many protests as the protestors wore them in France and Chile.
    dali mask protest in Puerto Rico
    People protest in Puerto Rico wearing Dali Mask | Photo Credit: reddit

    dali mask protest in mask
    A demonstrator wearing the red jumpsuit and Dali mask from money heist during an anti-government protest in France. | Photo Credit: theguardian
  8. The two most challenging to shoot scenes of Money Heist were the Money Shower scene and the Scuba diving scene as said by the directors. During the Money shower scene, the weather was fickle, and it took many tries to get the perfect shot. It shows real dedication and hard work that they got it done correctly.
    money showering from sky in money heist
  9. The Professor, the mastermind, was also going to get a city name like the others. It was going to be Vatican City because Vatican City fits the Professor well, it’s small but protected. But due to religious factors, it had to be removed. Anyways, ‘The Professor’ suits him the best.

    professor as vatican city
    Suggested name of The Professor was Vatican City
  10. An exciting yet dangerous fact is that the series has encouraged a lot of thefts and burglaries over the years worldwide. The Robbers wore the Dali masks and iconic Red jumpsuits to perpetuate Robberies. It’s a sad thing to know but shows the depth the show has hit in the viewers.

    thieves inspired from money heist
    Thieves inspired from Money Heist Series | Photo Credit: dailysabah

These were 10 mind-blowing facts you didn’t know about Money Heist aka ‘La Casa De Papel’!

We are all waiting for the upcoming season, we don’t know what’s going to happen next, but we can be sure of one thing; things aren’t as planned as the first heist, so this time let’s expect some ugly turns! But don’t ever lose your faith on The Professor!