Hidden Messages From FRIENDS They Wanted You To Know

monica and chandler from friends where they missed errors

Friends Sitcom is life for many, people have watched it numerous time. Chances are, you too are one of them who has watched it more than once. Haven’t you? No one gets bored with the series ever. You must have realised at times, it’s not just about laughter, it has many more things attached to it along with the laughter.

Friends Show was ahead of its time in many ways and showed us how life should be or how to lead it the right way. We fascinate the life of the six friends and we love them so much because we have experienced their life throughout the series. We feel for them because they became a part of us or rather we could see a part of us in them!

The series has many things that made it a hit and one of them is: it talks about life, our life.

Now having said that let’s have a look at some important messages that were conveyed in this show and the messages that we can relate to. Some might seem hidden but let me assure you, you love these characters because you understood these messages somewhere in your subconscious mind. So let’s explore the known and the unknown!

#1 Taking Stand For Modern Motherhood

pregnant rachel green
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Not a single pregnancy in Friends sitcom is normal, and there might be a hidden message in this if we analyze it carefully.

Ross has his first child with Carol but turns out Carol moved out with Susan which told us about Gay Parenting. Next, we see Phoebe is pregnant but with her half-brother’s babies, as she chose to be a surrogate mother. Then we see Rachel being a single mother when she gives birth to Emma. And finally, Chandler and Monica opted for Adoption because of their infertility.

All these methods of motherhood are beautiful in their own way, they have become an inevitable part of today’s society, and everyone should accept that with an open heart. But back then, in 1994, it was really a great move to promote and celebrate it. In a way, they encouraged people to accept a modern society in modern ways.

#2 Not So Happy Ending

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The last episode is not so fulfilling for all Friends fans over the globe but looking closely you might find a reason for such a dramatic end. In real life, there’s a time when we have friends and live life so beautifully. Still, with growing age, there are more critical things to consider. Finally, everyone has to face changes in life which they never planned for while in their teenage.

Similarly, the show teaches us that with time we need to move on with our lives and accept the changes rather than sticking on it, which creates a problem for everyone.

#3 Creating A Second Family Is Beautiful

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By the second family, we don’t ask you to be inspired by Ross and keep marrying people. Instead, make friends that are equally good as a family. While people are away from their home and trying to establish themselves in this huge world, it’s better to have someone you can blindly trust and talk to.

The ’20s are always vulnerable, during those tough days of struggle added with brutal heartbreaks, it’s always better to have a safe place where you can let yourself out. There will be times when you will face setbacks in your career or get dumped by your partner, but real friends always stay and help.

Imagine what would have happened to Rachel if she didn’t have a friend like Monica who let her stay in her house and inspired her to take up a job. Or Don’t you think Ross would have killed himself after facing 3 divorces if he would have stayed alone in his apartment? It’s always better to have friends.

#4 Overcoming The Past

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Phoebe had a very rough childhood which she mentions on many occasions. But throughout the show, it’s shown how she is ready to accept new things and embraces life than anyone else could ever do. Even though life was tough for her, she never let that overpower her present.

She teaches us that if you are open, then good things will come, it may take time, but good will happen. The life she talks about is so harsh, but the life she was living was so lovely, she had great friends and finally married the right guy who would give her the family she always dreamed of. And all this because she never gave up on the miseries from the past.

#5 It’s Better To Find Your Lobster

joey telling rachel that chandler and monica were not as good friends as them
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The last episode was drastic for all but did anyone wonder about Joey? What would happen to him after everyone set out on their own? He was the one who bedded many women but never found the perfect one to stay with. As a youngster, Joey’s life may seem so appealing, but when you grow up, you realize it’s a life of loneliness that he chose.

So it’s better to find your lobster and be with them. In life, friends are there for you, but you need a partner to be with. Some may argue with this point, but life will throw situations when you will need someone special to hug and get the emotional comfort required.

#6 What’s Meant For You Will Come By

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Chandler and Monica are one of the best couples in the show. Initially, they both had terrible experiences in dating, and all of them turned out to be a failure.

But, they found each other accidentally and after a long wait. Either of them ever planned to be with each other, but they ended up being together. In life this might happen to you as well, what’s meant for you will come your way, just stay open.

#7 You Can Achieve What You Want, Believe In Yourself

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Rachel didn’t have any degree to get her dream job, but she managed to be where she always wanted to be. She always kept her hopes high and was good at what she did. And most importantly, she believed in herself more than anyone else.

Even Joey wasn’t so good at acting, he actually sucked in many of his performances. But, he always believed in himself and was clear about his goal. Finally, he too made it and proved himself.

Friends series has beautifully shown us that dedication and perseverance can lead you to your goals.

#8 Ups and Downs Are A Part Of Life

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Monica was doing great in her career, but later lost her job and got abysmal reviews. Rachel had to leave all luxuries in life and start her life from nothing. We all know about Joey how he had to depend on Chandler for his expenses and wasn’t doing very well at work. Even Ross and Phoebe had their own problems!

All this focuses on the fact that life isn’t always so easy, you will face setbacks in life, but you need to overcome them and stay strong. So learn well what our Friends taught us.

#9 Laughter & Jokes – The Best Medicine

hi i am chandler and i make jokes
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Yes, we all know it already, but Chandler proved it again!
Make Chandler nervous, and you get a joke! He devised the best way to cancel out the tension in the air and make things friendlier. Sometimes it may not have turned out well for him, but the method is really fascinating.

#10 Be Yourself And Be Happy

phoebe with her psychic powers where she can hear voices
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Phoebe is weird, but she is perfect in her own eyes. She gets upset at silly things but forgets or forgives it soon enough. She doesn’t care much about what people say or what they want her to be. She rather focuses on what she wants and enjoys doing.

She shows us that life is unpredictable, so it’s better you enjoy each moment of it. Don’t get stressed or curve yourself to satisfy others because if you don’t value yourself, then no one else ever will.

#11 Good Friends Can Help You Lead A Memorable Life

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Again if we talk about Phoebe, her childhood was so rough, but her current life is so different. She met many people while she was on the streets but kept a safe distance from them. She was choosy and took in the right friends who helped her lead a better life.

If she would have indulged with the wrong friends, then imagine how worse her life could have been. She came out of the cursed life she was in and established herself because she knew what was right for her. Her story is inspiring, and we should also choose our friends well because they can either create or destroy us.

#12 Never Too Late To Do What You Love

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Chandler left his job all of a sudden even though he had great money in it and that was the only thing he did for years. Though we are still confused about what he used to do in his previous office, whatever it was, it wasn’t satisfying to him. He was a witty man who needed to be somewhere creative.

Finally, when he opted to join advertising, it was something he would enjoy, and that would undoubtedly satisfy his witty character. If he could do it, so late in his life, then we all can do it too. It’s never too late to start afresh, what matters is your determination and will.

#13 Accepting Others And Being There

ross with susan and carol while having baby
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It’s difficult to accept someone after they have hurt you, and that breaks most of the relationships today. Ross was hurt badly by his first wife, Carol but still, he was always there for her. He was always so understanding and comforting to her, he even helped her on occasions.

Could you do that to your Ex ever? It’s tough, but Ross made us realize that there are things we need to forget to be happy and get the slightest of happiness if it’s there. He obviously, would never be back with Carol but at least has someone close to him and of course, the baby! Gather your happiness and help others because that will matter the most when your time comes.

#14 Relationships Are Perfect Not The People

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Monica and Chandler were never the perfect matches considering many things, but they turned out to be the smoothest couple. At the individual level, they are nightmares! How can someone be so obsessive, and how can someone be so insecure?

Having a partner like Chandler and Monica can make your life hell, but they worked it out. The only reason for this is they knew and valued each other. They respected each other’s choices, and that helped them survive through the tides of life.

#15 Make Friends For Life, It’s The Best You Can Achieve

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In this world, we all have friends. But friends who really care and friends who will be there for you are not so easy to find. To achieve that, first, you need to be someone who can do it. Be a friend like Chandler; selfless, caring, helpful, and funny!

You will get all the characters one by one in your life if you are willing to be the right Friend. There’s a Ross, Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe in each one of us, we just need to find it out. Once we find them, we can have our own Central Perk filled with all the happiness from the show.