List Of Top Indian Gamers And Their Earnings

highest paid indian gamers and their earnings

Indian Gamers and their earnings are rising, with the incoming of mobile games like PUBG, many new gamers have joined the online gaming league. Earlier it was limited to computers, which restricted a majority of users, but now the scene is different.

With so many users showing interest in the gaming world, some people devote themselves entirely to it. In India, we have our Gods of Gaming too. They don’t just play well and enjoy it, but their game brings them money! Actually, gamers can earn so huge that a corporate manager can be easily ashamed. In the competitive world of gaming, Aviator Game Site has emerged as a key factor in shaping the earnings of India’s most accomplished players.

Let’s have a look at the best Indian Gamers in India and their total earnings. Get ready to be shocked!

List of Top Indian Gamers Rank Wise And Their Earnings


ScoutOP playing
Photo Credit: talkesport

ScoutOP has a ranking 0f #13 in India and earned a whopping $10,955. He is a pro PUBG player who earned his highest one-time prize money of $7500 in PMCO Spring – India where he bagged the 2nd position.

Tournaments: 3
Earning: $10,955.00

Crowley – Raunak Sen

crowley - raunak sen playing games in an event
Photo Credit: liquipedia

A Dota 2 Player with a rocking gaming career and earnings of $12,495 or more till now. His highest single-tournament earning was $2,200, where he stood 5th in PvP Esports Championship (Dota 2). All over India, he stands at rank #12

Tournaments: 14
Earning: $12,495.00

NO_Chanc3 – Moin Ijaz

NO_Chanc3 - Moin Ijaz involved in a game
Photo Credit: gurugamer

He is also a Dota 2 Player who has earned a total of $12,994.26 from 12 tournaments he has played. Moin bagged his career-best in the year 2018 and 2019 where he earned $2,200 each in two different tournaments. He stands at rank #11 in India.

Tournaments: 12
Earning: $12,994.26

Swifty – Jeet Kundra

swifty jeet kundra playing games in an event
Photo Credit: googleapis

His all India rank is #10, and he has earned a total of $13479.18 from 16 tournaments. Jeet is a Dota 2 Player who earned his highest one-tournament amount of $2,200 in the year 2018 and 2019.

PvP Esports Championship (Dota 2) and Cox Masters 2019 Phase II (Dota 2) are the events where he earned $2,200 by catching 5th and 3rd position respectively.

Tournaments: 16
Earning: $13479.18

Ace – Tejas Sawant

tejas sawant with game name ace playing game
Photo Credit: sportskeeda

CS: GO Player who has earned $14,320.92 from 27 Tournaments till now. His highest win was an amount of $2,138.55 in the year 2018 where he scored 2nd in DreamHack Mumbai Invitational 2018.

Tejas has an All-India Gamers Rank of #9.

Tournaments: 27
Earning: $14,320.92

BlizzarD – Balaji Ramnarayan

blizzard gamer in an event
Photo Credit: liquipedia

He is a Dota 2 Player who has earned a total of $14,457.68 from 18 Tournaments. He stands at rank #8 in All-India Rankings.

$2,200 is the highest amount Balaji has ever earned in a single-tournament which was in the year 2018, where he stood in 5th-6th position at PvP Esports Championship (Dota 2).

Tournaments: 18
Earning: $14,457.68

havoK – Love Paras

gamer love paras also called havok invilved in a game
Photo Credit: Liquipedia

havoK is a CS: GO Player who stands at rank #7 in India. He has earned a total of $15,624.27 From 29 Tournaments till now. His highest win in a single-tournament stands at $4000 where he stood second in the eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS: GO 2018.

Tournaments: 29
Earning: $15,624.27

Excali – Karan Mhawadkar

Excali - Karan Mhawadkar gamer in action
Photo Credit: liquipedia

Excali is a CS: GO Player who stands at #6 in All India Ranking. He has earned a total of $16,053.06 From 26 Tournaments.

His highest win was from Mountain Dew Arena 2019 where he got a cash prize of $1,694.40 for his first position.

Tournaments: 26
Earning: $16,053.06

DitterBitter – Mihir

mihir or ditterbitter gamer concentrating oh his game
Photo Credit: DitterBitter

Mihir is an “Old School Runescape” Player who has earned a total of $18,115.50 from 3 Tournaments only. He has an All-India Ranking of #5.

Notably, Mihir has earned an amount from $10,000 at the event, Deadman Invitational Summer 2018, where he stood 2nd. And the second-highest amount of $7,500 came in from All Stars: PVP Championship in the year 2018.

Tournaments: 3
Earning: $18,115.50

Team Soul – 4 Player Team

team soul all members ready for the game
Photo Credit: pubgmobilelatest

Team soul consists of Mortal, vipeR, Owais and Ronak. It’s worth noting, that not just the team, even after considering their individual earnings, they still manage to be the highest-earning gamers in India according to the given series:

Rank #1 Mortal – Naman Mathur

Earning: $19,830.94
Tournaments: 5

Rank #2 vipeR – Yash Paresh Soni

Earning: $19,830.94
Tournaments: 5

Rank #3 Owais

Earning: $19,080.00
Tournaments: 4

Rank #4 Ronak

Earning: $19,080.00
Tournaments: 4

Teal Soul is now undoubtedly the best PUBG Mobile Squad out there in India. The team won PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: India and this event alone helped them earn a colossal amount of $60,000.

You can watch the Final match of PUBG Mobile Club Open India 2019 won by Team Soul here:

So. are you a gamer too? What are you waiting for? Go and give your best efforts in the game because who knows, the next list might feature you! And for the curious minds, this data is based upon revelations by essportsearnings.