15 Hindi Web Series Trending Online and Why You Should Watch Them

best indian web series to watch

Web Series has recently picked up tremendous pace in the past couple of years. Five years back, web series was a concept that we perhaps only associated with the Firangis. But things have changed, and India has finally joined the league of web series. Here we have created a list of Indian web series that has made a significant impact in the industry and has garnered applause from the viewers and critics alike.

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Here we begin with our list of Hindi Web Series Trending Online:

Little Things

druv and kavya from little things
lead actors of little things Dhruv & Kavya. Photo Credit: indianexpress

“Sometimes love is not enough, and the road gets tough.”

And rightly so, love has a journey of its own, and the roads are far from perfect. ‘Little Things’ does an excellent job at depicting just that; it follows the lives of two lovers- Dhruv and Kavya, who meander through the tricky trails of love. The characters grow with time, and so does their relationship. It’s an absolute delight to watch these two lovers sail through testing times hand in hand.

IMDb Rating – 7.6/10

Permanent Roommates

cover of permanent roommates web series
permanent roommates poster. Photo Credit: mxplayer

This TVF web series pioneered the trend of rom-com series in the country. The story follows the journey of two lovers from being in a long-distance relationship to being in a live-in relationship, hence the title ‘permanent roommates’.

IMDb Rating – 8.7/10

Yeh Meri Family

yeh meri family web series cover
Yeh meri family all characters in a fram. Photo Credit: socialsamosa

Narrated by a nine-year-old protagonist, this particular story is going to hit you with pangs of nostalgia as the story unfolds in the ’90s. All the ’90s kids will have an emotional time watching the plot of this series unravel.

IMDb Rating – 9.6/10

Ladies Room

ladies room web series cover image
cover of ladies room web series. Photo Credit: yfilms

Most of the scenes are shot in places only occupied by women, but we assure you that the stories that unravel are ones that all millennials will easily relate to.

IMDb Rating- 4.6/10


flames web series cover image
Flames web series cover pic. Photo Credit: cinebee

This particular web series dives into the realms of childhood love, following the sparks of attraction that concocts an adorable love story between two tuition students.

IMDb Rating- 9.2/10

Made in Heaven

made in heaven web series cover image
made in heaven web series cover. Photo Credit: theindianwebseries

MADE IN HEAVEN has been considered to be one of the best Indian web series to have been produced in recent times which revolves around the lives, lies, and mistakes of two wedding planners and friends, Tara and Karan. The show’s portrayal of adultery, Section 377, wealth gap, and sexual abuse; along with a realistic, entertaining and thought-provoking representation of the Indian wedding circus sets it apart from other shows.

IMDb Rating- 8.3/10

Kota Factory

kota factory web series characters
kota factory web series cover. Photo Credit: binged

Kota Factory is India’s first black-and-white web series. It presents an uproariously honest story of the infamous coaching institutes of Kota and the competition to clear engineering examinations. With refreshing characters and relatable dialogues, the series reminds us of our school friendships and students’ fear of entrance examinations.

IMDb Rating 9.1/10

Delhi Crime

delhi crime web series cover image
Delhi Crime web series cover. Photo Credit: Netflix

Taking inspiration from the aftermath of the horrific 2012 Delhi gang-rape case, Delhi Crime might not be a pleasant experience to watch, but it shows importance and relevance. Some people might take it as a presentation of a story skewed to favour the authorities, but what you can’t deny is Shefali Shah’s powerful performance.

IMDb Rating – 8.5/10

Sacred Games

sacred games web series cover
Sacred Games web series. Photo Credit: Netflix

The Netflix show with stars like Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, definitely helped India reach new success in the web series space. The first season might have driven many viewers who praised all aspects of the show, but the second season brought in some criticism. Since the second season ended on a cliff-hanger, some expect the show will come back for a third season, but it is yet to be confirmed.

IMDb Rating- 8.7/10

The Family Man

the family man web series cover
The Family Man web series. Photo Credit: indianexpress

The Family Man is an exciting action-drama series, which presents the story of a middle-class man. But this middle-class man works for a special cell of the National Investigation Agency making his life even more complicated. He not only has to protect the nation from terrorists but also has to keep his family on his back, protecting them from the impact of his secretive, high-pressure, and low paying job.

IMDb Rating – 8.6/10


mirzapur web series cover image
Mirzapur web series. Photo Credit: urbanasian

Being a violent revenge drama, Mirzapur is much more than a tale of guns and curses, but it also has unexpected plot twists and fleshed out characters. While Pankaj Tripathi’s ability to nail a layered character was never in question, Ali Fazal and Divyendu Sharma’s performances were a pleasant surprise indeed. 

IMDb Rating – 8.5/10

What The Folks

what the folks web series cover image
What The Folks web series. Photo Credit: iwmbuzz

‘What The Folks’ prove that the cliché “life after marriage changes” is correct. The Folks explore these changes with hilarious instances and emotional scenarios. This show takes upon topics that are relevant for most married couples (and even single adults) living in India, and that’s what sets this show apart from others. 

IMDb Rating– 7.4/10

Special OPS

special ops web series cover image
Special OPS web series.

This series shows Himmat Singh of the Research and Analysis Wing drawing out similar patterns in terrorist attacks and seems convinced a single person is behind all the attacks. He aims to catch the mastermind behind these attacks with the help of his task force team of five agents living in various parts of the world. Enjoy the story based on an inspiration taken from nineteen years worth of nationally significant events. 

IMDb Rating – 8.7/10


breathe web series cover
Breathe web series. Photo Credit: bingepost

With an extremely intriguing narrative, thriller Breathe explores exactly one such moral dilemma, and that is – how far a man will go to protect the one they love? Two desperate and driven men engage themselves in the ultimate cat and mouse game to save the one they love.

IMDb Rating 8.4/10

Inside Edge

inside edge web series cover
Inside Edge web series. Photo Credit: amazon

Inside Edge is the story of a T20 cricket franchise playing in the Power Play League, the Mumbai Mavericks. Get ready to experience a place of conflicting interests, where selfishness is almost a virtue, where sex, money, and power are a mere means to an end. Witness the game behind the game.

IMDb Rating: 8.0/10

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