30 Unique Things That Happen Only In India! Foreigners May Ask Why

unemployment after graduation is normal in india and more

Indians are great! We have a lot of things to be proud of, and the world acknowledges it too. But sometimes we also have habits that aren’t normal, at least for the people outside India. As Indians, we may also feel some of our practices are a bit weird, but who cares when it’s ordinary in your society!

Let’s have a look at some Indian practices or Things that aren’t considered reasonable by the world.

  1. The Unbreakable Nimbu Mirchi Firewall

    nimbu mirchi infront of a shop or house
    Photo Credit: quoracdn

    Indeed this firewall is indestructible, at least people in India say so! We put it in front of our shops, house, vehicles and anything worth protecting. Thank God that our moms didn’t find it necessary to tie this around our necks to keep us safe from the world.

  2. Restaurant? No, That’s Hotel!

    indians call restaurants as hotels
    Photo Credit: socialsamosa

    Yes, we do it so accept it. Often people in India say, “Chalo aj Hotel se khana manga lete hai!” Usually, people outside India prefer to call it a restaurant. It may not be incorrect but the trend can easily help you identify from which country you belong to.

  3. Unusual Indian Weapons Every Mom Owns

    desi weapons of indian moms
    Photo Credit: fnp

    Nowhere in the world, you will find moms being so merciless when they are angry. Indian moms can use anything handy to hit their child, and the most used weapon would be the Chappal. Even the creators of these items must be wondering in their graves, “Bhai Maine chappal banaya to the pehenne ke Liye, aisa kaise ho gaya!”

  4. Kali Billi Crossing Road Is Inauspicious

    kali billi or cute black cat playing
    Photo Credit: medium

    Why are we afraid of this adorable creature? Just look at those cute little eyes, how can they be responsible to bring you misfortune? But we Indians consider it inauspicious if a black cat crosses someone’s way, they just stop and wait for someone else to cross it before them. This also shows how selfish we are, because we don’t want to take the misfortune but wait for others to take it on their head!

  5. ₹1 For Shagun

    shagun ka ₹1 in an envelope
    Photo Credit: imimg

    We always add this “Shagun ka ₹1” to every cash gift. Indians consider it auspicious, so any amount you gift someone is always added with a ₹1 coin. Not a single Indian can deny the fact that in their lifetime, they haven’t done it or at least received it once!

  6. Menstruating Women Are Impure

    we bleed, get over it placard held by a girl
    Photo Credit: sbs

    Menstruating women in India aren’t allowed to attend weddings, naming ceremonies, prayers or any other religious ritual as she is considered impure during her menstruation period. If we see it the Indian way, then it’s a natural phenomenon designed by God. So how can God create something impure in his children, by not allowing women we are somewhere questioning our God and stating that his creation is imperfect!

    As far as hygiene is concerned, all women know how to take care of it so it’s time to leave aside these beliefs now and get going with the world.

  7. Going Out From Home Isn’t Easy

    lady walking alone pic from back
    Photo Credit: pinimg

    Yes, in India if you are going out from home then it’s really tough! You can’t just grab your shoes and go out, No. You have to see the time, it should be an auspicious time to go out, then no one should sneeze while you are going out else it’s bad luck for you, and finally, when you step out, no one should call you from the back, else all efforts in vain.

  8. Number 3 Isn’t Taken Well In India

    number 3 feared by indians
    Photo Credit: balmoral

    We usually have a saying, “Teen Tigada, Kaam Bigada!” and this simply means anything that comes in three is inauspicious. People don’t prefer giving or taking anything total count comes up as 3. Even group formations should try to avoid 3 members, rather find a way to get in an extra member because that’s what makes it perfect in India.

  9. Staying Unemployed After Graduation Is Ok

    unemployed after graduation
    Photo Credit: gesturegraphics

    Many may say the Government is responsible for this, but at some level, it’s our fault as well. Many consider it fine to graduate and then take a trip, stay with family for a while or just hang out freely before getting into the hustle-bustle of city life and corporate world. But, most people around the world don’t see this normal, rather they try to get engaged and independent as soon as possible.

  10. Dena Hai To Do, Warna Kahi Aur Se Le Lenge!

    fixed price shop in india
    Photo Credit: googleusercontent

    Indians are very good at bargaining, so good that even a fixed price tag can’t stop them from getting a discount! As Indians we love discounts, shopping without a discount feels like being cheated. And Indian moms take it to the next level always, just take them to some roadside shop, they can make the shopkeeper beg to take the thing for free!

  11. Indian Relatives Are More Curious About Our Lives Than Us

    indian relatives nosing around in our lives
    Photo Credit: bollyy

    Yes, Indian relatives are really difficult to tackle. They gather information about you from different sources and love to gossip around in gatherings. God forbid, if you reach the age for marriage then they take it upon themselves to find you a match. Your biological parents won’t be so concerned as the relatives tend to look. Don’t know what’s the pleasure they get out of digging into people’s life. Rather try to improve your own.

  12. Indian Grandparents Never Sees You Fat & Love To Feed

    indian mom cooking for children
    Photo Credit: idiva

    Whether your waist size 28 or 40, your grandparents will always see you as a lean boy and will feed you more to grow strong. They love to feed their children, no wrong in that, actually, we too enjoy the pampering but at least accept the fact! I am going fat because of your love! I guess grandparents outside India say it when their child goes fat, but not in the case of Indian grandparents.

  13. Indian Parents Always Treat You As A Kid

    indian mom pamperin her child
    Photo Credit: sundayguardianlive

    With age, we grow but not for our parents it seems. Even the time when we are 25, they still look at us as a 10-year-old kid. They try to help us with all our chores, try to keep us safe from the world. But in most other countries children try to be independent, but in India, it’s not the case. Parents try to keep us dependant for a long time.

  14. Indians Love Overcrowding

    overcrowded bus in india
    Photo Credit: ytimg

    Be it a bus, or a train, you will find it overloaded to the core. Our population is to blame for this but still, the limits we go in those crowded places is insane. People climb on bus top, hang through the windows, hang themselves to co-passengers and what not. Even on the road, we can be so creative.

  15. KFC Introduced Veg Menu For India

    kfc india introduced veg menu first in india
    Photo Credit: quoracdn

    KFC introduced a veg menu first in India. This is one of a kind move across all its franchises globally. Usually, known for its nonveg dishes, it was an odd move but well received by the Indian market. So be proud because changed the course of KFC in India. And no one other than Indians could have done it, right?

  16. Living With Parents – We Love It!

    indian family staying together
    Photo Credit: static

    Outside India, people don’t enjoy staying with their parents after a certain age but our upbringing is done in a way that we prefer it. Actually, it’s good to have a family where people stay together. After all, the family is the closest thing one has, so why not keep it close always.

  17. Divorce Rate In India Is Low

    wedding in india lasts long
    Photo Credit: prasadmodakblog

    According to an article by IndiaToday, the Divorce rate in India is just 1% which is very less compared to the world. And, we Indians feel this is the normal trend. As per our culture, weddings are to last for seven ages so divorce is never something we look up to. But in many countries marriage for life seems odd it seems.

  18. Cow Worship Is In Our Culture

    worshiping cow in india
    Photo Credit: tosshub

    Indians worship cow and that is in our tradition from ages, we even consider cow as our mother. Contrary to this tradition, in many culture and countries, people see cow as their food! So it won’t be easy for others to digest the fact that Indians worship Cows and don’t eat them.

  19. Arranged Marriage Prevails In Our Society For Long

    arranged marriage in india
    Photo Credit: hearstapps

    Arranged marriage prevails in India for a long time, previously it used to be more vigorous with brides not even allowed a glimpse of their groom until they are married. But now the situation is better as the consent of both the bride and groom are considered. In some cases, its the best practice as parents take a wise decision for their family.
    For most people outside India, marrying a person without loving them sounds so odd and unacceptable. So they can never accept the fact that arranged marriages are real and will last.

  20. Uneducated People Can Become Politicians

    politician rmadhir singh from gangs of wasepur
    Photo Credit: gesturegraphics

    It’s true that politicians don’t need a degree to prove themselves. To become an IAS, Judge, Doctor you need proper education and a degree but the most important job of a politician can be handled by anyone without even formal education.

    The time when India got independence was different and electing someone who is concerned about the country but not educated was necessary in those times. But in new India, things have changed, so our views should change too. At least there should be a minimum parameter to be a politician. An uneducated Politician can only happen in India!

  21. Every Relative Has A Distinct Name

    indian relatives in wedding
    Photo Credit: bollywoodshaadis

    We don’t just call our relatives uncle and aunty, rather we have a long list to address our relatives. To add spice to the fact, maternal and paternal sides may have again different names, so in short, we have names for everyone. Can outsiders manage to learn these names? Or is it impossible for them?
    Don’t know how Nick, Priyanka’s husband is managing things!

  22. Indians Can Visit Anyone’s House Without Reservations

    indian family welcoming guest
    Photo Credit: nyt

    Yes, for Indians it may seem so easy but many countries might see this indecent or undoable. Indian hosts make you feel more welcomed if you surprise them, but only when you have a good bond with the person.

  23. India Has Most Number Of Festivals & Holidays

    celebrating indian festival
    Photo Credit: stackpathcdn

    In India, we can celebrate 365 days if given a chance, and none of them will be without a reason because we will surely have one or another festival. After ignoring many festivals, we have so many holidays each year. No other country in the world can imagine a year like ours!

  24. We Enjoy Food With Our Hands

    eating with hands in india
    Photo Credit: tripsavvy

    Food and Hand, perfect combo! There are things that you can never enjoy with spoon and knife. Serve chicken to a desi Indian and ask him to use cutlery, he would prefer to stay hungry that day than to ruin the fun of having chicken! Can Americans or the Japanese do it this way?

  25. Pooping The Right Way Since Ages

    indian pooping the right way since ages
    Photo Credit: photobucket

    Indians know how to poop the right way! Scientifically speaking, using a commode means blocking your colon and exposing yourself to a world of poop-related pain in future. Squatting is the natural way of doing it and we have continued following it rather than giving in to comfort. But no foreigner can easily digest the fact that we squat to poop, and moreover use our hands instead of toilet paper. Check this article from Wikipedia to know why we follow the correct poop style.

  26. Measuring Distance In Time

    asking direction from police in india
    Photo Credit: tosshub

    We all do it. Any random Indian if asked for the distance of a place will either reply by saying “5 minutes dur hai bhaiya!” or “1o minute”. Even for longer distances, they prefer saying “2 days” or “1 day dur hai”.
    We have our own way of measuring distances and only we can decode it. BTW, the man in the pic is not using a seat belt, so he may be misled by the officer! But you stay safe while driving, use a seatbelt and then ask for any address to reach the right point.

  27. Spitting In Public Is Ok But Hugging Is Frowned Upon

    a couple enjoying their company in india
    Photo Credit: huffingtonpost

    Indians are romantic, sexy and everything needed. But they prefer to keep it indoors, for no reason. We don’t mean to have the whole romance on road but minimum love gestures should not be brutalised in a country like India where we celebrate and cherish love.

    On the other hand, unacceptable things like peeing in public, spitting in public or even spitting on the public are acceptable. So it’s probably time to think and improve.

  28. Jugaad Is Our Way

    jugaad in india by talented indians
    Photo Credit: ytimg

    Indians have Jugadu brains and we can never take no as an answer. If need be we can achieve anything we need. Innovations are powered by our Jugadu brains and each one of it is incredible in its own way. People around the globe may never imagine how we manage to do things with our Jugaad. For them, this is merely impossible.

  29. Indians Know Multiple Languages

    indian kids from different religion at one place
    Photo Credit: echhapu

    An average Indian usually knows more than 2 languages. English is a language that everyone tries to learn in India and Hindi is something we are born into. So these two languages become a necessity and their mother tongue is another minimum language they learn in their lifetime. Apart from that, many Indians also migrate to new states and grab the local languages too, So we know a variety of languages by staying only in India. It’s a thing to be proud of.

  30. We Eat Spicy And A Variety Of Food

    variety of indian food on table
    Photo Credit: americantownscom

    Our menu is huge. Only rice can have dozens of varieties, then comes chicken or Veg dishes which can be numerous. Don’t get started with sweet dishes because there’s no count!
    With these many varieties to serve we have a lot of variety. And the taste will never be monotonous, we have many spices to give you a new flavour in every bite. And yes, for foreigners our recipes might seem a little hot and spicy. So they may not imagine having as many dishes as we can.