7 Tips to Play Aviator Game Like A Pro

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Aviator looks like quite a straightforward game, but it has its specifics. The plane flies, the multiplier counts, and when you press the button, the coefficient multiplies your bet; hence you get your prize.

Well, it’s true, and together with that, the game has settings and important details that can improve your income from aviatorgamble.com.

How to make your plane more profitable?

Don’t Try to Predict

Aviator is random. It works on the Provably Fair technology based on cryptocurrency. Each round outcome is generated from 4 participants: the operator and 3 first players. Their servers make seeds, i.e., number sequences. Numbers mix and create an outcome of a round. And you can prove that result by tapping the Provably Fair logo at the bottom of the Aviator screen.

Due to the Random Number Generator working, you won’t be able to predict results. All you can do is presume an approximate amount of the next-round multiplier. Like, will it be low or high? How long will it take to get to the high hit?

The history bar at the top of the game might help with analytics. But still, you can’t predict how high the multiplier will be. You may get 4.08 or 408.9 results; it’s highly unpredictable.

So, the main principle of gaming is to minimize losses as possible. Aviator Galera bet review is a casino that helps lower losses and improves winnings.

Try the Demo Mode First, If You’re New to the Game

One of the tools how to minimize the losses is the demo version. It’s a free mode where you play on virtual currency, so you don’t need to deposit anything.

That mode helps to research the game in detail:

  • How to set 2 stakes so they could hedge each other.
  • How often high multipliers happen.
  • What amount happens more often.
  • How autoplay can help in gambling, etc.

Don’t underestimate the Demo mode. It’s free. And it can give you great insights.

Aviator game interface

aviator game interface

Try Bet Strategies

If you prefer strategies such as Martingale, Paroli, Fibonacci, etc., try them in Aviator. Test them in demo mode, then switch to real mode playing.

Some strategies challenge you to risk getting high rewards. Some imply that low but stable income is better and safer. It’s up to you. You decide how you want to play Aviator.

Timing is Essential

Aviator has strict round timeframes:

  • The period when you can make bets lasts 5 seconds approximately.
  • Time while a plane flies from 8 to 30 seconds.

So, you have 5 seconds to decide if you want to bet and how much. It’s better to outline your strategy in a demo: bet amounts, autoplay, cashout time, et cetera. Then, switching to real mode goes more smoothly, as you know exactly what to do.

Also, it’s important to know how long the plane may fly. The maximum timeframe is a limit for your cash out. So, test the demo version to know the average, minimum, and maximum rounds time. It’ll help to improve the Aviator strategy.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll Management is your Responsible Game policy that minimizes losses and saves from addictive behavior. So, while playing the demo, remember how fast money goes or comes to your in-game balance.

To make Aviator gambling safer, it’s better to:

  1. Set a maximum budget for the game — daily, weekly, or monthly.
  2. Divide your budget into stake amounts if you use Martingale-ish strategies.
  3. Track the spending while playing or after the gaming session.
  4. Slow down and don’t risk more money over the plan.
  5. Decide which part of the sum you leave on the casino balance and which part you withdraw immediately.

Bankroll Management is one of the most important sides of gambling. Its meaning is underrated, but it can save your life. The main tips are:

  1. Set realistic stake amounts. You might hit high coefficients, but low ones happen more often. So, it’s important to understand what wager is acceptable to lose both if you don’t manage to hit before the plane flies off.
  2. Don’t make too big bets. You never know when the plane’s going to leave you in tears. You can only suppose when it’s better to hit and cash out.

Setting limits in Aviator

Setting limits in Aviator

Don’t Chase High Multipliers

Aviator regularly sends multipliers to the moon, but you can’t get them all. And you don’t need to!

Why it can be dangerous? The longer you wait for a high coefficient, the riskier gaming because the risk of losing a bet rises together with the rising plane. So it leads to more losing money.

First, you must decide which coefficient is acceptable for cashing out more often than losing. Say, you set x2, then you get the wins in most rounds, and you can allow yourself to lose several rounds under x2.

Second, you should hedge bets with twin control panels. First, you can play manually. And the 2nd can be set in Auto mode, where you determine a relatively low cash-out coefficient. That way, you can still hunt big prizes, and at the same time, you get your safe winnings in most rounds.

Take Breaks

Gaming can be quite tiring. You must watch the process closely while your mind and body are bombarded by quick neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and opioid. In normal circumstances, these transmitters generate arousal, excitement, reward, and pleasure and aim to fight stress overall.

When you play, your body is constantly under attack by these neurotransmitters, thinking you are running after the prey in the jungle. Several hours long. So, yes, it’s quite tiring, and you need to take breaks so your body and mind can rest and restore their normal functionality.

Breaks help you improve your health and make the right decisions in the Aviator game. Please, remember about it! Set your limits, timers, and budgets, and be careful. The game should stay fun and easy!