Future of Lottery Games: Trends, Predictions and Innovations


The concept behind the lottery is a game of chance. But beneath the simplest mechanics, getting 6 correct combinations in a pool of 49 numbers isn’t exactly easy.

If you’re going to do the math, the odds of winning a 6/49 lottery is 1 to 13.9 million combinations. To put that into perspective, there’s a 1 in 15300 chance of being hit by lightning in the United States reported by Britannica.

But despite the odds and the fact that you can’t predict the results, a lot of people are still excited to play the lottery. Did you know that the lottery at one point represented 29% of the entire global gambling income? And why not? For a small amount, you get the chance to become rich overnight.

Today, technology and innovations even made this game even more exciting. So what does the future have in store for the lottery industry?

List Of The Possible Innovations And Technologies That Could Shape The Future Of The Modern-Day Lottery.

1. Online Platforms and Mobile Apps

The biggest innovation in the modern-day lottery is the use of online and mobile technology. Now that a good chunk of the world’s population is connected online using either their smartphone or their tablets, people don’t even have to visit their local lottery retailer to have a ticket.

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However, these new technologies are a bit tricky for several reasons. For instance, some countries haven’t legalized online and app-based lotteries. In India, some states allowed the use of online and app-based lotteries. And why not? Not only can you check Kerala state lottery results online, but you can also even play wherever you may be.

In the coming years, two possible scenarios could happen. One, it is possible that more countries will adopt online and app-based lotteries, given how convenient it is for the players to buy their tickets. Or two, anti-gambling advocates may succeed in stopping online lotteries.

To prevent the second scenario, lawmakers may force lottery operators to donate to gambling addiction therapy. This practice was done in the United States as an attempt to lessen the negative impact of highly-accessible online sports gambling as reported by FanDuel.

2. Social Responsibility

If online and mobile lottery becomes a norm, it is also expected that social responsibility from the industry is going to become more pronounced than ever. Aside from sharing its profits with gambling treatment programs, there will be added regulations in check. This could mean messages that would promote responsible gambling. It is even possible to see the hotline and website of gambling addiction treatment programs flashed on the screen before the draw.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already making strides in different industries and the lottery industry isn’t going to be an exception. AI can help the industry in different ways such as by providing players with a better experience. Here, it is going to be more common to see personalized promotions based on the person’s history, game preference, and other pertinent data.

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In addition to this, artificial intelligence is also going to become a useful tool when it comes to detecting fraud.

4. Blockchain Technology

Next is blockchain. Part of what makes blockchain technology useful in the lottery industry is the use of smart contracts. Think of it as a digital agreement that brings transparency to the table. And with the use of blockchain technology, the lottery also becomes tamper-proof. In addition to this, receiving winnings is also easy with the use of a smart contract. Here, the winner can get the funds directly without the interference of other parties.

Blockchain has been used by casinos primarily as an alternative to fiat. This could become a legal loophole for countries that banned lottery and gambling in general.
A few examples of lottery platforms that made use of blockchain technology include Firelotto and Kibo. Both platforms are backed by Ethereum.

5. VR

For some players, it isn’t enough to check the lottery results after the draw is done. Some people find excitement in watching the actual draw. Virtual reality can change the lottery industry by offering a completely immersive experience. Here, players can experience the draw happening in front of them.

6. Community Gaming

Now, the simplest solution to increase your chances of winning the lottery is to buy more tickets. As the adage goes, two heads are better than one. That’s the concept used in community gaming.

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Here, a group pools their funds so they could buy more tickets increasing their chances of winning. This comes in handy for lotteries that have a large jackpot. Before the digital age, you’ll have to look for people who are interested in buying lottery tickets. And in some cases, this also means that you could only pool a limited number of interested players.

But today, there are Facebook groups that facilitate players to pool their funds. This allows the group to buy a good number of lottery tickets increasing the chances of winning. Since it is online, you have a chance to explore interested players outside your social circle.

The lottery industry is changing thanks to the latest trends, innovations, and technologies. As the industry transforms, lottery operators need to be flexible and understand the pros and cons of each development.

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