Shami ‘s performance erupts Delhi & Mumbai Police banter


In a delightful display of friendliness, Delhi and Mumbai Police engage in a Twitter banter full with humor and wit. Also, they share hilarious tweets that playfully dissect Shami ‘s performance in the semifinals. This friendly exchange between the two police forces adds a lighthearted touch to the cricket fervor. It creates a social media buzz that’s hard to miss.


Along with a stunning 70-run victory over New Zealand, India’s cricket team clinches a spot in the 2023 World Cup finals. The match was filled with incredible moments. Notably, Mohammed Shami’s impressive seven-wicket haul saved the win. Surprisingly, Delhi Police shared a message for the cricketer, and it’s bound to bring a smile to your face.

Delhi & Mumbai Police on Shami

The department went on X and said, “@MumbaiPolice hope you do not book @MdShami11 for tonight’s assault.”

Moreover, Mumbai Police later reposted and responded, saying,

“You missed pressing charges of stealing innumerable hearts @DelhiPolice and listing a couple of co-accused too. P.S.: Dear citizens, both the departments know the IPC thoroughly and trust you for a great sense of humor.”

Mumbai Police shared the post on November 15, and since then, it has gathered over a hundred thousand views. Later, the post has also received nearly 4,000 likes and numerous comments. Interestingly, it has been gathering interesting response from the public.

Public response is hilarious

Someone commented, “Before you guys go after him, spare him till the 19th, for he has some major heist at hand to be concluded!”

Meanwhile, a second person remarked, “Humour at its finest.”

Later, a third individual shared, “Such a sense of humour we enjoyed thoroughly which we often miss. A true humane face of both @MumbaiPolice and @DelhiPolice. Congratulations for maintaining the spirit after the spectacular victory,”

A fourth commenter posted, “@MumbaiPolice, @DelhiPolice this banter is absolutely gold @MdShami11 stole the show on the ground yesterday.”

Again, a fifth person added, “Both city police are awesome with super social reactions. Well done.”

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