Top 10 Betrayals In FRIENDS Ranked

ross betrayed chandler by kissing his mom

NBC’s iconic show FRIENDS has almost always lived up to its title, during its time. It showed what it actually means to stick around no matter what. It showed what actually friendship means, ALMOST all the time. However, between the six iconic main characters, there were arguments and betrayals throughout its time on screen. Even though they were not frequent, but quite brutal. But, showing their friends-above-all attitude, these betrayals and fall-outs didn’t last long. Nevertheless, they were still betrayals. So, here is the list of 10 betrayals that FRIENDS characters did which were awful. Scroll down to check it out:

10. Ross Kisses Mrs. Bing

ross and mrs. bing
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This is the first time when fans got to see something pretty awful in the show and unfortunately it Ross who did it. In the episode “The One With Mrs. Bing” in season one, Ross kisses Chandler’s mother when he was upset about Paulo and Rachel dating. When Chandler finds out, he gave all the reasons to show why this was a despicable thing to do. But as fans, we know that no one should do this. And in a volatile family situation like Chandler’s, it only gets worse. However, keeping friends-above-all in mind, Chandler forgave Ross quite quickly.

9. Monica And Chandler Make Joey Appear Like A Pervert

joey tribbiani surprised and dumb look
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Betrayal is a strong word for this storyline. It felt like Monica and Chandler went too far in taking advantage of Joey and make him appear like a creep. FRIENDS fans understand their dilemma and fear of coming out to everyone else but painting him in a terrible light was a bit too far. Even though it was a fantastic storyline, it was quite a betrayal from Monica and Chandler.

8. Chandler Kisses Rachel

ross and chandler in the flashback episode
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This is a betrayal that was swept under the rug quickly by Ross and Chandler and also never even mentioned by Rachel. Chandler and Ross each broke their own college pacts which were pretty childish agreements. But, Chandler kissing Rachel is quite a betrayal. Given all the history that how much Ross was in love with Rachel, it was shocking to see that Ross didn’t hold a grudge when Chandler revealed the truth to Ross.

7. Phoebe Kisses David

phoebe and david
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Phoebe was dating Mike when David came into her life again from Minx. This science guy was her first true love and it was all about just a kiss. But it does not change the fact that she was in a relationship with Mike at that time. And as for fans, it was quite a serious one. Even though Mike did the same thing with Precious later, but since fans did not know much about her, this was far more of a betrayal in the fan’s eyes.

6. Janice Kisses Her Ex-Husband

Janice and ex-husband
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Janice and Chandler were also an on-off couple in the show, apart from Ross and Rachel, and in some respect probably they were the better ones. Janice taught Chandler a lot and made him quite mature that allowed him and Monica to succeed later on. She was Chandler’s first love but Janice got married to someone else. Even though she came back to Chandler but only to cheat on Chandler with her ex-husband by kissing him not only once but twice. Letting her go was quite hard a decision for Chandler, but surely the right one.

5. Ross’s Pros And Cons List

pros and cons list made by ross for rachel
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It seems like Ross is king when it comes to betraying his friends and loved ones, especially Rachel. The first betrayal Ross gave to Rachel was when he made a list of pros and cons about her and Julie, Ross’s girlfriend from China in order to decide if he wants to be with her or Julie. It was incredibly demeaning for Rachel. The way he claimed that he loved her, the copy of her flaws wasn’t the perfect way to show her that.

4. Ross Did Not Tell Rachel About Annulment

ross and rachel after getting married in vegas in season 6
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Do you remember that time when Ross Rachel got drunk married in Los Vegas? Well yeah, it is correct and it won’t be wrong to say that the whole situation was nobody’s fault. Given the situation, Rachel and Ross decided to get the marriage annulled but Ross not only didn’t do it but also lied about it. Just because he did not want to be the guy who got three divorces. However, he had to go through divorce again when he could have simply wiped the marriage from existence by getting an annulment.

3. Chandler Fools Around With Joey’s Sister

Joey chandler and joey's sister
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Joey is undoubtedly the least problematic among the other five characters in the show. He is consistently the most caring and the best friend among all when it comes to good intentions. Of course, he does dumb mistakes but never did betray his friends. On the other hand, Chandler being the funniest guy in the show did a couple of terrible things to Joey. He not only fooled around with his sister but also lied about his intentions. And when he is asked to apologize, he is confused about which sister it was. He totally deserved the punch he got.

2. Kathy Cheats “With” Chandler And “On” Chandler

joey with kathy and chandler in a date
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When Joey started dating Kathy, Chandler’s love for her was quite visible. But instead of telling Joey about his feelings, as the rest of the gang said, he cheated on Joey by kissing Kathy. However, it came back to bite Chandler. Ending the cycle of betrayals with one final one, Kathy slept with her theatre co-star. Compared to this entire Joey, Kathy, and Chandler love triangle, Chandler’s fooling around with Joey’s sister is nothing.

1. Ross Cheats On Rachel

times in friends when ross and rachel could have saved their relationship
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The betrayal of Ross to Rachel tops the list. Ross and Rachel might be TV’s most iconic romance, but they are far from perfect. They are insecure and unstable as a couple, as we have seen their on-again and off-again romance. Monica and Chandler are far more stable than these two. A prime topic for arguments is mostly based on the fact they were not able to work out the “on a break” thing. Ross betrayed Rachel by sleeping with another woman and then even tried to cover it up. He also defended himself throughout the years by saying the popular phrase “We were on a break”. If he knew he was right from the very beginning, then why did he have the feeling of guilt in the first place? Why did he lie about the girl to Rachel in the first place? Well, all that guilt inside and the hurriedness to get her out of the apartment is because of the fact that deep inside he knew that he did something wrong.

Do you agree to the list? Or you ready to betray us with your views? Just kidding, feel free to write your views in the comment section, we really appreciate that.