Bollywood Stars Inspired Indian Dog Names For Males & Females List

bollywood inspired names of dogs list

Bollywood celebrities place a high value on their pets and they make it clear that we are aware of it. From daily Instagram posts to several photoshoots with their gorgeous dogs, they show their love for them in spades. There’s a four-foot-tall mantra with a happy message. A simple woof and snuggle can bring a smile to your face when you have a furry buddy at home. Celebrities from Bollywood aren’t immune to their charm. That is why we got you some images of them cuddling, hugging, and smiling with their four-legged companions.

Here’s a list of Bollywood stars inspired Indian Dogs Name for males and females list:

1. Priyanka Chopra – Diana (Female)

Priyanka's Diana indian dog names
Photo Credit: DNA India

Diana is a chihuahua mix puppy that Priyanka Chopra adopted in 2016. Priyanka’s pet has her own Instagram account with over a million followers, which she uses to promote her celebrity puppy. Diana belongs to the Paw stars and she is Priyanka’s “favorite coworker” as well. She has even offered to join Priyanka Chopra on an October trip to Europe. Gino and Panda, who Priyanka and Nick adopted last year, are their other two pets. Most of the people named their dogs after Diana. It is one of the most used Indian dog names.

2. Anushka Sharma – Dude (Male)

Anushka's Dude indian dog names male
Photo Credit: TheStorypedia

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is a strong proponent of animal cruelty legislation. The actress’s dog’s name is Dude. After she posted a video of herself singing in front of her pet labrador, Dude Sharma, the actress’s pet, became an Internet sensation. During Diwali last year, Sharma welcomed her Instagram fans to a ‘PAWsitive’ party, in addition to posting videos and images of Dude. During the lockdown, the actress shared a number of images of herself and her pet dog on social media. Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma’s husband, recently opened two animal sanctuaries in Mumbai, while thanking her for being an inspiration.

3. Sidharth Malhotra – Oscar (Male)

Sid's dog oscar name in indian dog list
Photo Credit: Pinkvilla

Siddharth Malhotra has a deep love for animals. Oscar is his beloved dog whom he considers to be his best friend and shares a great bond with him. Siddharth not only shares photos of Oscar on social media, but the two have also collaborated on promoting a film on Instagram and filming a number of animal welfare advertisements.

4. Varun Dhawan – Angel (Female)

Varun's indian dog names for female Angel
Photo Credit: IndiaTV News

Varun Dhawan’s cute little Poonch baby is Angle. Varun’s favorite and is the center of his attention at all times. Angle is a Beagle diva who enjoys her handsome daddy, Varun, and the celebrity attention lavishes on her. Many people use this name as their Indian dog names female.

5. Shraddha Kapoor – Shyloh (Female)

shraddha indian dog
Photo Credit: TheStorypedia

Shraddha Kapoor can’t get enough of her Lhasa Apso, Shyloh. She refers to him as her “stress-buster” and posts photos of her “Chhotu Maharaj.” “Thank you Shyloh for coming into our lives and spreading so much love and joy #ShylohBabu,” she wrote on Instagram. She also used the hashtags #PetsGiveLove and #AnimalsAreFriends in another shot, and we couldn’t agree more.

6. Kriti Sanon – Phoebe (Female)

kriti sanon dog phoebe name in list ofindian dog names female
Photo Credit: Rediffmail

Kriti Sanon posts photographs and videos of her partner woof that are paw-fect. This year, she brought a fluffy brown pet named Phoebe into her home. “I guess Phoebe felt I’d gone insane, but she still considered me cute,” she wrote. Indian households use this name for their Indian dog names female.

7. Kriti Sanon – Disco (Male)

disco, kriti's dog
Photo Credit: Daily Pioneer

Kriti also has a dog named Disco, whom she recently wished the happiest birthday to My munchkin, my kitty, my adorably pawsome baby! “I adore you like a woof!”

8. Malaika Arora – Casper (Male)

malaika's dog casper
Photo Credi: Republic World

Having a dog as a pet can also help people heal. Take, for example, Malaika Arora, who, following her recovery from COVID-19, got photographed on her balcony playing with her dog Casper. She captioned the shot, “Two’s company #sundaze #kaftanlove #casperlove.” She had previously featured Casper in a yoga session. As one of her pet images, a nice shot with herself, son Arhaan, and Casper with the words “All mine” went viral.

9. Disha Patani – Bella (Female)

indian dog of disha patani bella
Photo Credit: Pinkvilla

Disha Patani’s favorite dog, Bella, has her own Instagram account. On social media, the actress routinely posts adorable photos of herself with her. It is one of the most used Indian dog names.

10. Disha Patani – Goku (Male)

disha's indian dog male goku
Photo Credit: Republic World

In one of the posts, she’s seen playing with Goku, and her head appears to get wedged between his teeth. She wrote, “Goku is attempting to eat me.” It is one of the best Indian dog names male.

11. Salman Khan – Myson And Myjaan (Male)

salman's pet dogs
Photo Credit: RVCJ Media

After Myson and Myjaan died, Salman got dogs named Mylove and Myjaan (whom he named after his first pet). Salman Khan also has Mowgli, a Labrador Retriever, Saint, and Veer, a deceased French Mastiff. He is a big dog lover. His social accounts are filled with him playing with his dogs.

12. John Abraham – Spinee (Male)

johns dog spine an indian dog
Photo Credit: Republic World

John’s Labrador Retriever, Spinee, is a darling. Spine underwent a risky operation and began a long recuperation process. On a regular basis, John used to update his Twitter followers on the pooch’s whereabouts.

13. Amitabh Bachchan – Dane (Male)

big b's dog dane
Photo Credit:

Shanouk, Big B’s Great Dane, was his pet. Shanouk has felt overlooked since his granddaughter Aardhaya came to the Bachchan family, according to Amitabh in an interview. Most used name in Indian dog name list.

12. Shahid Kapoor – Kaizer (Female)

indian dog name kazier of shahid's
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Shahid Kapoor had a small dog named Kaizer, who died recently. Shahid has now adopted a new pet, which he announced on social media as the family’s new addiction.

14. Sonakshi Sinha – Kura (Female)

sona's dog kura
Photo Credit: Rediffmail

Sonakshi Sinha’s pet dog, Kura, is one of her favorites. On Instagram, she frequently posts images of her cute Pug. “Kaala hai par dilwala hai,” she says fondly of her dog. According to Sonakshi Sinha, Kuro enjoys chewing on the shoes of her father, Shatrughan Sinha.

15. Farhan Akhtar – Bella And Zen (Female And Male)

farhan's dog bella
Photo Credit:

Bella and Bonny, two Labrador retrievers, and Zen, a Beagle, belong to the actor-filmmaker. Farhan Akhtar. He described dogs as buddies, instructors, and stress relievers for him and his family in an interview.

16. Ajay Devgn Pet Dog – Koki And Koko (Female And Male)

ajay devgan's indian dogs name
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Ajay Devgn’s German Shepherd dogs, Koko and Koki, are his pride and joy. He had an English Mastiff named Sher Khan, who died when Ajay was filming for Singham. The actor is a dog lover who enjoys spending time with them, especially in the mornings while reading the newspaper.

17. Shah Rukh Khan – Dash (Male)

srk's dog dash
Photo Credit: Deccan Chronicle

Shah Rukh Khan’s small Japanese breed dog, Dash, died in 2015. Among the actor’s other pets is a Labrador named Hulk, named after one of his son Aryan’s favorite superheroes, and two Maltese named Juicy and Kai. In one of his interviews, Shah Rukh quoted as saying that his beloved dogs give him so much comfort that when he gets upset, he prefers talking to them over humans. It is one of the best Indian dog names male.

18. Raftaar – Riri (Female)

riri raftaar dog
Photo Credit: IWMBuzz

Riri, the rapper’s Pitbull puppy, was born in Kerala. Because she’s too young to go out, the little puppy presently stays at his Delhi home and hasn’t had any public trips. According to Raftaar, dogs are the best stress relievers. It is the best name for Indian dog names female.

19. Karan Johar – Nobu (Male)

Kjo's dog nobu
Photo Credit: 101India

In 2016, the filmmaker welcomed a new family member into his home: Nobu Johar, a French bulldog. Alia Bhatt, star of KJo’s Student of the Year, was the one who posted a photo of herself kissing the infant on social media. “New addition to the family…NOBU JOHAR…@aliaabhatt launches him on social media,” the caption read. It is the most used name in the Indian dog name list.

20. Bebo – Leo (Female)

indian dog name male leo, bebo's dog
Photo Credit: Pinkvilla

Leo, a Pug, is Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s dogs. A close friend of the couple, Sonakshi Sinha, gave them Leo as a gift. Not only that but Leo got named after the well-known Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. “Both of my dogs are well-known and well-liked in Bandra.” We named him Leo after Leonardo DiCaprio since he is so gorgeous, and my dog is a little unsightly in a good way.

21. Bebo – Elvis (Female)

bebo's fav dog elvis
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Elvis has a female companion and pal named Margo in his own building. Elvis is a Jack Russell. She’s loved by everyone in the Nawab Family. Most common Indian dig names female across the country.

22. Farah Khan – Gulab And Jamun (Female And Male)

farah's kids with their dogs
Photo Credit: The Indian Express

A filmmaker named Farah Khan adopted two canines named Gulab and Jamun. The brown and black puppies got adopted as a brother-sister pair from the Mumbai-based NGO World For All. “I couldn’t think of a way to separate them.” “We wanted Indian names since they’re brown and black,” Farah said at the time in an interview.

23. Kapil Sharma – Zanjeer (Male)

kapil's dog zanjeer
Photo Credit:

Zanjeer, Kapil Sharma’s white Labrador, is one of the comedian’s favorites. He calls him Zanju and lets him walk free on the sets of his show, The Kapil Sharma Show. Jackie Chan, a martial arts legend, was also seen playing with Zanjeer at the presentation.

24. Hrithik Roshan – Zane (Male)

hrithik dog indian
Photo Credit: India Today

Zane, Hrithik Roshan’s Golden Retriever, is a beautiful creature. He routinely tweets photographs of Zane and his two sons, Hrehaan and Hredhaan, hanging out. “Zane has evolved into my ‘hug buddy.'” “He’s always prepared to provide affection,” Hrithik said. “Ray n Ridz (Hrehaan and Hridhaan) desired a human-sounding name rather than a dog name. Zane is a romantic at heart, delight to look at, and appears to be wise as well.

25. Vir Das – Mr. Watson (Male)

vir das dog mr watson
Photo Credit: DeadAnt

Vir’s dog, Dr. Watson, is his favorite. “Coming home to a joyful face is the most delightful thing,” Veer says. Even if it’s wrinkled and stinks like hell.”

26. Arjun Rampal – Gangsta (Male)

arjun's late dog gangsta
Photo Credit: ScoopWhoop

Arjun Rampal, known for his on-screen personality as well as his amazing appearance. He is, however, an avid animal lover who has some very sad news to share with his fans in this regard. Arjun used Instagram to share the news that his favorite dog, Gangsta, had died. “With a snapshot of himself with his “best pal,” the actor stated, “I will miss you my friend, my Jaan, my love.” “Thank you so much for your generosity. #RIPGANGSTA.”

27. Arjun Rampal – Muscles (Male)

rampal's with dogs
Photo Credit: Shortpedia

Arjun Rampal’s little girls got devastated and saddened by the death of their pet dog last year. So, after all of the frantic film promotions, he’s chosen to bring home a new dog this year.