Bumble and Tinder Scam: Tips to immune yourself against Dating frauds


Encountering someone new through a dating app comes with its set of difficulties. We’re not referring to compatibility concerns but rather to the fact that the individual on the other side is a total stranger. Until an in-person meeting occurs, one remains oblivious to the true identity of the person they’ve been conversing with, and this vulnerability is frequently exploited by scammers.

Bumble and Tinder cases in India are on Hike

Presently, instances of scams executed via online dating apps are witnessing an increase. Focusing on India, numerous recent incidents highlight individuals falling victim to fraudulent schemes orchestrated through fake profiles on dating apps.

In a specific incident, a woman employed at a private firm in Bengaluru lodged a complaint against her Tinder match, alleging that he scammed her of Rs 4.5 lakh. The scammer purportedly manipulated the woman into believing he resided in the UK, engendering affection, and convincing her of his impending visit to India. The woman, excited to meet her supposed boyfriend, discovered the entire episode was a deceitful ploy.

Deceived by the scammer, the woman ended up transferring Rs 4.5 lakh. Subsequently, the victim sought police assistance with the aim of retrieving her funds.

In a recent incident, a Delhi man fell victim to a scam, losing Rs 15,000 after meeting a woman on Bumble and going on a date with her. He shared the incident on X, urging authorities to take action against such scams.

These instances are just a glimpse of the numerous dating app scams occurring in India. Scammers employ diverse methods, such as crafting deceptive profiles, offering false assurances, and applying pressure tactics to deceive their victims.

How to Stay from Online Dating Scams

To safeguard yourself from such scams, consider these precautions. Keep these guidelines in mind to potentially avoid future regrets when navigating the world of online dating.

  • Exercise caution when sharing information – Refrain from divulging personal details, like your home address or phone number, to individuals you’ve recently encountered on a dating app, as this information could be exploited later.
  • Avoid sending money to online acquaintances – Irrespective of how compelling their narrative may seem, never transfer money to someone you haven’t met face-to-face.
  • Be wary of financial requests – If someone begins soliciting money from you, view it as a significant warning sign of potential scam activity.
  • Conduct a reverse image search on the profile picture – This can help determine if the image appears elsewhere on the internet or social media, indicating whether it’s associated with a fake profile.
  • Perform a Google search on the person’s name – This step might uncover any concerning information associated with the individual.

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