10 Characters From FRIENDS Who Deserve To Be A Part Of The Reunion


The iconic FRIENDS sitcom is still etched in our memories and finally, the shooting of its reunion is about to begin. Eventually, after months of rumors and anticipation, the HBO Max’s special will begin shooting next week in Los Angeles. However, HBO remained silent on the matter and there’s no word yet on a release date either.

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The FRIENDS reunion will feature the gang – Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Matthew Perry. They are all set to return to the show’s original soundstage that is on the Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank. All six characters will also be the executive producers for the reunion special. FRIENDS creators David Crane, Marta Kauffman, and Kevin Bright would also be the executive producer of the special.

Now it’s unclear how and what they are going to do in this special episode. Apart from the main cast, who all might attend the show isn’t disclosed yet. While all things are unclear, fans stand excited about the reunion coming to life finally! And they surely have their own speculations about the special. We too have our own speculations and here’s something we want to share with you now. In the sitcom, there were many characters who helped make the show a special one, and it would be great to see them come to attend this special episode.

So here goes a list of characters apart from the main six characters from the show who also deserve to be a part of the special reunion. Let’s check out:

1. Gunther

gunther confessing about his subway ride
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Gunther was the owner of the famous Central Perk coffee shop and was there throughout the series. He was never a part of the gang but he has surely known in and outs of their lives. His major storyline in the show was of having a huge crush on Rachel. He surely deserves to be in the reunion of FRIENDS. Without this guy, Central Perk would have been nothing and without the coffee house in existence, the gang would also be almost nothing. So as a tribute to this cute little coffee guy we would love to see him on the special episode.

2. Janice

janice with chandler
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Janice is one of the most entertaining and you might also say, one of the beloved characters of the show. Her ongoing and off going relationship with Chandler kept her throughout the show. In the beginning, she was added as an extra and her character wasn’t supposed to stay so long in the show but considering the dashing screen presence she had, the show makers had to bring her more often. She was never short of being hysterical onscreen and we are sure, she would be as hysterical off-screen too. It would be amazing to have her at the reunion. We would love to see the old Chandler run away from her even today.

3. Mike

phoebe and mike together even after the last episode
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Mike was the boyfriend and later husband of Phoebe in the show. He has been cast later in the series but was excellent and was there till the end of the show. His relationship with Phoebe was beloved by the audience and he connected with the group quite smoothly. Considering the fact that he’s Phoebe’s husband now, it won’t be strange to see him in the show where they are meeting after such a long time. Also, his quirky sense of humor and perfect line delivery proves that he surely deserves to be in the reunion.

4. Ben

Ross Prank over Rcahel
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Ben was Ross’s son who goes on disappearing from the later series. But we have seen him growing up from playing with dolls to making pranks with Ross on Rachel. We have seen his bond with Ross and the rest of the friends. So, seeing him again at the reunion all grown-up with the gang would be nice. Also, it’s not a hidden fact that Ben played by Cole Sprouse had a huge crush on Jennifer, so it would be great to see him blush while he sits next to her in the show and they discuss the time when he missed on his lines because of Jennifer.

5. Carol

ross with susan and carol while having baby
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Carol was Ross’s lesbian wife. Although Ross and Carol got divorced, Carol always remained around the group because she was the mother of Ross’s child, Ben. Her overall pretty tame personality was always a delight to watch. Having her at the reunion will definitely light it up even more. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that if Ben’s here then it won’t be odd to Carol and Susan too. Moreover, showing a wedding of two girls in a time when the acceptance was so low was a bold move that FRIENDS can be proud of. So now when they meet again and in a time that has more acceptance than before, it won’t be wrong to brag about this bold move and show the world why FRIENDS was a pioneer in itself.

6. Mr. Heckles

mr heckles with rachel on the friends show
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Mr. Heckles’s character was quite interesting. He had an abrupt end in the show but every time he was hilarious. His weird way of lying was unique and he created a style of his own, or you can say his signature! Many people wonder if he is still alive, but to everyone’s surprise, he’s still alive and in his 80’s. So having him on the show would be a great experience for sure!

7. Frank

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Frank was Phoebe’s long-lost stepbrother. He was hilarious in his short time on the series. Since the series followed his love life and having a family and babies with the help of Phoebe, he became an important and memorable part of the show. Having Phoebe’s brother at the reunion with the rest of the six main characters will surely make it more interesting. Also, it was a progressive step in itself to show Phoebe giving birth to Frank’s children. So it would be great to acknowledge the same in this special episode.

8. Ugly Nak*d Guy

ugly nak*d guy from friends
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Have you seen this guy yet? Do you know how he looks? Well, this character was kept a secret as his face wasn’t revealed in the show. The show makers might have hidden his identity because they did not want the guy to get stuck by the name ugly forever. But given the current situation, he would be more proud than being insulted if someone calls him by that name. The popularity of the show has made it possible to turn him into a remarkable character who is also our beloved in some way. So it would be great to disclose the identity of the character publically in this reunion of FRIENDS.

9. Judy & Jack Geller

jack geller with judy and ross recording in monica's birthday party
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These two in FRIENDS were iconic in themselves. They had moments where you can’t stop laughing and they surely made the show quite funny with their presence in it. Judy was quite strange when it comes to her behavior with Monica, so we might want to see if that has changed after so long. They shared many wonderful memories with the main cast and it would be great to have them on the new episode.

10. Charles & Nora Bing

Charles and Nora had very less screen time but every time their presence meant lots of laughs. Their relationship was complicated and as shown by the show they weren’t great parents to Chandler. But leaving all those things behind, they played their characters quite well and helped us see an aspect of the society that we usually tend to ignore. Moreover, it was once disclosed by Kathleen Turner that she wasn’t treated well in the show. So maybe this time she gets what she deserves! We surely believe their addition would light things up and the addition of a character like Charles Bing was quite a futuristic approach that is to be appreciated.

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These are few cast members apart from the main six characters we would love to have at the special reunion which is going to be aired on HBO. Do you want someone else at the reunion? Let us know in the comment section.

Meanwhile, the shooting of the special reunion is going to start real soon on the comedy’s original soundstage that is on the Warner Bros. Studio lot, Stage 24 in Burbank. All the six characters are excited! And it was David Schwimmer who confirmed that he would leave for Los Angeles for the shooting of the reunion.

Earlier, to honor the iconic sitcom’s 25th anniversary, the cast was set to gather on HBO’s streaming service, HBO Max. Even though due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the reunion has been massively delayed, now it seems like things are slowly getting back on track. Warner Media Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt explained that he wants to cast the reunite in person, instead of virtually. He said, “We do think there’s a value to having a big, raucous live audience to experience these six great friends coming back together.”

So get set for the special episode and yes, don’t forget to mention the character you would love to see in this special run. Keep the comment section alive and share your views!