Don Dawood Ibrahim told this thing when he met Rishi Kapoor

Don Dawood Ibrahim told this thing when he met Rishi Kapoor

When Rishi Kapoor met Dawood Ibrahim, an unexpected revelation unfolded. The notorious figure shared a statement that would leave an indelible mark on their interaction. This article unveils the gripping details of this encounter, shedding light on the words exchanged between the Bollywood legend and the infamous underworld don, offering a glimpse into a moment that transcends the realms of entertainment and crime.

Dawood Ibraahim

Reports of Dawood Ibrahim’s alleged demise in Karachi triggered a digital frenzy. Numerous social media platforms circulated claims of the wanted criminal being poisoned and hospitalized. Screenshots supposedly from the account of Anwar ul Haq Kakar, Pakistan’s acting prime minister, circulated, falsely reporting Dawood’s death. Fact-checkers debunked the misinformation, clarifying that it wasn’t Mr. Kakar’s account and Dawood’s fate remained unverified. Amid the swirling death rumors, recall the instance when the late actor Rishi Kapoor recounted his meeting with the underworld figure.

Dawood Ibrahim’s Bollywood connections

Few are privy to the fact that Dawood, the kingpin of an underworld criminal network, allegedly maintained connections with several Indian film industry celebrities. Various narratives unveiled his Bollywood ties, from rumored romantic involvements with top actresses to close friendships with stars. The late actor candidly shared his encounter with the notorious gangster in his autobiography ‘Khulla Khulla,’ quoting Dawood as saying, “If you need anything at all, any money, anything, just feel free to ask me.” Rishi Kapoor later denied this offer.

Rishi Kapoor as Dawood Ibrahim

Rishi Kapoor was invited over tea

Rishi Kapoor declined Dawood’s financial offer and encountered him again at a store in the United Arab Emirates years later. Confirming that Dawood sent his assistant to Raj Kapoor’s funeral, Rishi Kapoor defended their meeting, stating, “He invited me over for tea. I went to his house, thinking there was nothing wrong because he is just a fugitive, he had not done the menace.” Despite facing criticism for his remarks, Rishi Kapoor asserted that he harboured no regrets about the encounter, emphasising that the meeting involved an innocent invitation for tea.

Born in 1955 and raised in Mumbai’s Dongri slum, Dawood Ibrahim departed India after the 1993 Bombay explosions. Rishi Kapoor, known for his roles in Bobby, not only chronicled his father’s vibrant life but also shared insights into his own love for movies, leading ladies, and various other aspects in his memoir.


In the intricate tapestry of Rishi Kapoor’s encounters with Dawood Ibrahim, the enigmatic threads of Bollywood’s underworld ties are exposed. As rumours swirl around Dawood’s alleged demise, the digital chaos underlines the lasting impact of his notoriety. Rishi Kapoor’s candid revelations and defense of their meetings offer a nuanced perspective. Beyond the realms of entertainment and crime, these encounters shed light on the complex intersections of two contrasting worlds, leaving a narrative lingering in the annals of Bollywood’s intriguing history. What are your thoughts on this one?

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