Suniel Shetty reacts as his Son-in-Law Rahul heavily trolled after WC Loss

Suniel Shetty reacts as his Son-in-Law Rahul heavily trolled after WC Loss

After cricket World Cup loss, Suniel Shetty finds himself responding to the intense online criticism faced by his son-in-law, Rahul. The social media backlash, following the defeat, prompts a candid reaction from the Bollywood actor. The online scrutiny sheds light on the challenges faced by public figures and their families, emphasizing the impact of sports events on individuals beyond the field. Suniel Shetty’s response adds a personal touch to the broader narrative of how public figures navigate the digital realm.

Suniel Shetty reacts on KL Rahul trolls

Suniel Shetty revealed his thoughts on the online criticism directed at his son-in-law, cricketer KL Rahul, following Team India’s defeat in the 2023 World Cup final last month. Expressing that both Athiya and Rahul refrain from responding to trolls, Shetty disclosed that the trolling personally affects him. This highlights the emotional impact experienced by public figures and their families in the face of online negativity.

Suniel Shetty reacts as his Son-in-Law Rahul gets heavily trolled after WC Loss

In an ANI interview, Suniel Shetty expressed deep distress over the trolling that ensued after the World Cup loss. He acknowledged that the impact on him surpassed even that on KL Rahul. Despite Rahul’s stoic response, Shetty emphasized the parental anguish, revealing that as parents, he and Rahul’s parents bear a more significant emotional toll than the cricketer or anyone else involved. Shetty highlighted the unwavering support for Rahul, emphasising the faith placed in him by both the public and selectors. In his words,

“Very very much, probably more than it hurts him (KL Rahul). Probably more than my own trolls hurt me. You know the way the children are. They’d never talk about anything. He says, ‘Let it be, dad. My bat will talk.’ And it’s spoken. The faith of the people, the faith of the captain, the selectors in him said it all. So we’ve never ever said anything. But trust me, it hurts me ten times, a hundred times more than it would Rahul or Athiya or anybody else. As parents, only Rahul’s parents and we go through more than even (what) the kids would go through.”


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I am a fan of KL Rahul

When questioned about the difficulty of his children facing trolling, surpassing even his own experiences, the actor responded affirmatively. He explained, “Absolutely! And I know why it’s happening. My children have always said, ‘Dad, quiet, karma, quiet.’”

Suniel Shetty proceeded to discuss his and his wife Mana Shetty’s enthusiastic support for Team India during the final. Disclosing his strong superstitions, Suniel mentioned watching the match from his room, strictly prohibiting anyone from entering. He shared, “Mana and I did not step out of the house. We were in one room, nobody was allowed in the room. I have sat on the floor watching the entire Word Cup, every game, fingers crossed, legs folded, and that’s the way it has been.”


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“I am a fan of his (KL Rahul). I was then, I am a fan of his cricket even now. He may be my son, but I am his fan. They must have lost the final, but they won every heart in this country. When I meet people, they say, ‘What a team yaar.’ Earlier it would be only about winning and losing,” he said.

Suniel Shetty further shared his perspective on India’s unexpected loss in the World Cup final, expressing that it came as a shock to him and his family. He remarked, “I don’t think even they thought they’ll lose. They were a masterclass in team spirit. They were unbelievable. That’s the beauty of this team, country above everything else, and that’s why the respect. That’s why the love and affection that you see.”

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