Famous MEME Faces Everyone Should Know About

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We have somehow already made it halfway into 2021. While people start to head back outside, pop culture continues to take place online. During this time, MEMEs have been cemented as part of our daily interactions on social media. Providing hilarious viral moments that turned into memes, this year has not been short of inspiration.

We live in a time that is defined by MEMEs. Meme-ifying images is a practice as old as humanity itself. However, the advent of the internet has made that process much deeper. Whether repurposed from movie screengrabs, catchphrases, or YouTube videos, these golden viral nuggets shape how we communicate, criticize, and consume through cultural benchmarks.

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From MEMEs inspired by Bernie Sanders to Oprah Winfrey, we have some of the most famous MEME faces that everyone should know about. If your timeline wasn’t flooded with laugh-out-loud memes, something is surely amiss. Memes have become such an integral part of how people share information with each other on the happenings of the world. Take a look at the best MEME human faces:

1. Bernie Sanders And His Mittens

There is nothing funny about politics, especially in the past few years. However, people found reasons to laugh in order to get through that stress. Bernie Sanders has become one of those politicians who are prone to becoming memes. And, his attendance at this year’s Presidential Inauguration became this year’s first viral meme face sensation. In January, the politician arrived to witness Joe Biden being sworn in as president in Washington DC. While everyone came as fresh as they could, Sanders rolled up wearing a simple oversized winter coat and mittens. He gave off major “You’re all lucky I even came to this” energy with his hands crossed and slouching in his chair. The public started Photoshopping Sanders into the funniest scenarios.

2. Oprah’s Interview With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

If you love the British Royal family drama, then you would love Oprah Winfrey’s sit-down interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The memes made on them were difficult to escape the following day. The British Royal and the “Suits” actress were making serious claims of racism against the royal family. They also discussed their decision to leave England. Oprah’s shocked reactions to their declarations were damn meme-able. The interview gave fans so many new reaction pics to add to their arsenal.

3. Miranda Cosgrove Re-Creates “Megan’s ‘Interesting’” Meme

We’re used to the TV show and movie reboots and remakes. However, we have now entered the era of re-created memes. And now, fans couldn’t get enough of the actress Miranda Cosgrove who is back on our TV screens with the “iCarly” reboot. She re-created an old meme of her when she was watching the “Mindy Loves Josh” episode of “Drake & Josh” as a child. Cosgrove’s character Megan Parker is staring at a computer screen in the old meme with a soda can in hand and a smirk on her face. At that time, she said, “Interesting”. A now grown-up Cosgrove recreated the moment during an episode of the reboot and fans ran with it.

4. Beyonce At The Grammys

At this year’s Grammys, Beyoncé and Jay-Z shocked everyone when they were spotted sitting in the front row. Even though nobody expected them to be there, the couple showed up because if the singer won in the categories, she would break a historic record. Beyoncé broke the record with a total of 28 for most wins by a female singer in Grammy history. She won Best Rap Performance for her feature on Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” and Best R&B Performance for “Black Parade”. However, the Recording Academy announced the news during the awards show, her reaction was priceless. The scared and confused look on her face inspired a wave of memes using it in the most hilarious scenarios.

5. Agnes Harkness Exaggerated Wink

“Wanda Vision” dropped in January on Disney +. The show inspired not just one, but several meme trends on social media. Agnes Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), as “Agnes,” transcended the MCU with a clip from Episode 3. It featured a moment the character did an exaggerated wink. This obvious lie or exaggeration quickly became a go-to reaction pic for fans to use with jokes.

6. Daniel Kaluuya At Awards Shows

Daniel Kaluuya gave fans plenty of memorable moments during awards season. They quickly turned into famous meme faces all over the internet. The Oscar winner’s facial expressions when hanging out with friends and during his interviews have become reaction pics that people use for their tweets and memes. When a reporter confused the actor for Leslie Odom Jr. during interviews backstage, his expression was priceless and grabbed fan’s attention. Kaluuya looked down and opened his eyes wide to show his shock when he heard the reporter’s mistake. Fans began using that moment as a reaction pic to attach to their tweets. Also, during his Oscars speech, the moment he brought up his parents’ sex life, inspired fans to turn the actor’s mom’s reaction into a meme.

7. Brad Pitt’s Serious Sassy Reaction

The “Zola” trailer for the film adaptation of the Twitter thread #TheStory was released in March. Zola says in the trailer, “Y’all wanna hear a story about why me & this bitch here fell out?! It’s kinda long but full of suspense.” The audience began using the quote to apply it to other characters and situations where someone has had a “falling out”.

8. LeBron James Getting Hit In The Eye

You can’t deny that LeBron James is an entertainer, no matter how you feel about him as a basketball star. Whether it’s on or off the court, throughout the years, the Lakers player has provided a wealth of meme inspiration. During a game against the Golden State Warriors, he said Draymond Green poked him in the eye, and later, his critics had plenty to talk about. However, James hit a three-pointer and won the game just a few minutes later. However, the image of the basketball player after being poked in the eye became a famous meme face.

9. The “Wanda Vision” MEME Human Face

During the Season 1 finale of the show “Wanda Vision”, Paul Bettany’s character Vision wore a fitted black turtleneck and it was over for him. After fans edited gold chains, drugs, gold teeth, and watches onto screengrabs from the show, Vision was turned into a meme and given the new name #ViShawn. However, things went a little too far when some people also expressed how attracted they were to the meme version of Vision.

10. MEME Human Face Out Of Nowhere

Those memes that start seemingly out of nowhere are one of the best styles of meme trends. Movie fans came up with a trend to give a shout-out to their favorite actors earlier this year. Those amazing actors have played a wide range of characters in the past. Twitter users used four different images of roles the actors that showcased the wide variety of characters they played and brought life to those characters. These compliments quickly turned into famous meme faces.

11. Vipin Sahu’s Bhai Land Karade

Vipin Sahu’s conversation with his paragliding guide turned into a hilarious meme and become viral overnight. The Internet took flight5 after that and grabbed everyone’s attention as well. The way he told the guide that “100-200 zyada lele lekin land karade” was so hilarious that people cannot get enough of it.

12. Ahmad Shah Adorable Meme Face


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The viral Pathani kid from Pakistan, Ahmad Shah made the world turn back with his adorable video. He recreated Shah Rukh Khan’s “Palat” in his cute and adorable way by saying “Peeche Toh Dekho.” Interestingly, this kid owns his own YouTube channel “Cute Pathan Ahmad Shah” and has millions of subscribers.

13. Disappointed Fan

This is the reaction of a Pakistani fan after seeing his team’s sloppy fielding against Australia in 2019. However, the reaction of this Pakistani fan went viral overnight and is one of the highly used meme faces of all time.

14. Hera Pheri Hilarious Meme Face

“Hera Pheri” and “Phir Hera Pheri” movies are timeless piece of art that is funny in themselves. And, when it comes to meme faces, they gave away a lot of them. However, the one meme face that was hilarious was when Akshay Kumar says to Suniel Shetty, “Zor zor se bolke sabko scheme bata de.” This line surely tickles our funny bones and the meme face as well.

15. Women Yelling At Cat

Back in May 2019, a simple meme was put together by a Twitteratti, and it became quite famous. On the one hand, this cat is Smudge who is a star on Instagram. And on the other hand, the girl who is yelling is none other than Taylor Armstrong. When put together, the meme worked like magic and became one of the most used all over the Internet.

16. Epic Meme Face From Sacred Games

“Sacred Games” is India’s first Netflix original series that was a meme treasure as well. Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane directed series gave away a lot of hilarious and evergreen memes to the world. However, one of the most famous memes is when Nawazuddin Siddiqui says, “Kabhi Kabhi lagta hai ki apun hi bhagwaan hai.” His facial expression as well as the dialogue became quite famous.

17. Hilarious Meme Face Of Dancing Uncle

We have all seen middle-aged uncles dancing at a wedding. Even though it is a rare sight to any of us, Madhya Pradesh’s Sanjeev Shrivastava became famous in no time while dancing on the song “Aap ke aa jaane se.” Every Indian took notice of his steps and facial expressions and he became a meme sensation.

18. Mark Zuckerberg’s Inner Struggle Meme Face

Mark Zuckerberg appeared in front of Congress in the US last year. However, what everybody took interest in was his robotic mannerism. He sat down and testified before the senators and a House panel. And, finally became a hilarious meme face that was circulated all over the internet.

19. Trivago’s Epic Punch Line

At one point in time, we all have seen Trivago’s advertisements millions of times. The “Trivago guy” was the talk of the town because of his “un-model-like” appearance and annoyingly-addictive ad. However, Trivago’s country development head (India), Abhinav Kumar’s line, “Kya aapne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai?” became viral with his facial expression.

20. Kayode Ewumi Became Thinking Guy

Kayode Ewumi, actor, and writer became an overnight meme with his thinking meme face. The Internet collectively donned their thinking hats after seeing his hilarious thinking meme face.