FRIENDS Controversies Fans Might Not Know

jack geller in confusion which one is of the kids is emma

FRIENDS last premiered over 26 years ago, but still, it is one of the favorite shows of all time. The main cast of the show turned into overnight celebrities. FRIENDS developed one of the most honest fan bases in the world. Critics praised the show every time, and it went on winning several awards.

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In the last few years, several jokes and storylines are not looked upon favorably by the fans. At the same time, all wasn’t great behind the scenes either. There were several behind the scenes controversies that the producers kept quiet. However, many of the cast members came forward to speak about the issues. It’s time to take a closer look at one of the famous shows.

Ross And The Male Nanny

Ross and the male nanny
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FRIENDS is a trend breaking show which tackled the issues, most shows didn’t. However, Ross not liking the male nanny and feeling that he was too sensitive to be a man is definitely not one of them. The show often made offensive jokes aimed at the LGBTQ community. Not cool!

Jennifer Aniston Almost Didn’t Run For The Final Season

secrets from the last episode revealed
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Though each character became a famous celebrity while working on FRIENDS, Aniston reached another level of success that other characters didn’t. Jennifer was so busy that she almost didn’t return for the finale season. She was able to return to complete the show after the producers cut the episodes from 24 to 18.

Chandler And Phoebe Weren’t Supposed To Be Main Characters

phoebe breaking up easily infront of chandler
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In the beginning, the show was about four friends, and Chandler and Phoebe taking on secondary roles. Of course, that changed after as the show continued and both of them became the famous faces of the show. It wouldn’t be wrong to say FRIENDS wouldn’t be the same without Chandler and Phoebe.

Elliot Gould Upset The Producers When He Spoiled The Season Four Finale

jack geller with judy and ross recording in monica's birthday party
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The season four finale is famously known for its twist ending when Ross says Rachel’s name when marrying Emily. However, Elliot Gould aka Jack Geller spoiled it for producers. During an interview, Gould revealed the twist which was before the twist aired. The producers were upset that he would make such a slip-up.

Ross Tries To Get Close To His Cousin, Cassie

ross tries to get close to her cousin Cassie
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Ross did a lot of weird stuff in the show, such as dating a student which is wrong on so many levels. But nothing can be weird more than the thought of getting close to his own cousin, Cassie. Gross Ross!

Monica Mocked For Being Over Weight In Her Younger Days

fat monica dancing
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Throughout the entire series, there was a running joke about Monica being overweight when she was younger. Indeed, Courteney Cox even throws on a fat suit to portray a younger Monica. In spite of losing all the weight later in the episodes, her friends still mock her. Ross and Chandler can’t help but make fun of her every chance they get.

The Cast Stuck Together During Salary Negotiations Which Upset The Producers

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It was David’s idea to form an alliance and demand the same amount which frustrated produced and said their demands “ridiculous”. Eventually, each cast member was earning $1 million per episode. Fun fact, FRIENDS cast members was the first one to stick together during contract negotiations.

Matthew Perry’s Personal Struggles

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Though Perry was one of the favorite characters on the show, he struggled with substance abuse. His deteriorating health and weight loss were noticeable throughout the series. He also had rehab sessions between the seasons.

So, these were some controversies we know about. Let us know in the comment section if we miss out on any of them.