If You Are Re-watching FRIENDS, Watch Out For These Mistakes

mistakes in friends you can checkout the nest time you watch

FRIENDS is one of the most famous shows of all time but it is not untouched by flaws. Even with the re-runs running on many channels every day, fans can’t seem to catch the plenty of continuity errors that have in the show.

While making the show, they do multiple takes of the scenes. In editing, they take two different takes and make the final product. And, it results in continuity errors with characters, background, props, and much more little stuff. While those mistakes are rarely enough to change the story of one’s suspension of disbelief but it’s perhaps comforting to know that even big shows like FRIENDS also mess up sometimes.

However, fans don’t always recognize mistakes like this because they’re engrossed in the plot. FRIENDS benefited from this because it featured 10 seasons and 236 episodes of entertaining and hilarious episodes. Some of these mistakes are easy to catch up on when you see them for the second or third time.

We’ve rounded up a few such mistakes that might escape your vision on a first watch or subsequent watches, for that matter. Read on and you will able to ignore them again.

“The Last One” – Season 10, Episode 18

The last one
Photo Credit: NBC

Take a look at the last episode when Phoebe and Ross rush to the airport to stop Rachel from going to Paris. Some extras were standing behind them who also appeared behind Rachel in another airport (note the headscarf).

“The One With All The Wedding Dresses” – Season 4, Episode 20

the one with wedding dresses
Photo Credit: NBC

The writing on Magna doodle at Chandler and Joey’s apartment kept changing across the cuts. At first, when Joey was complaining about staying up all night before a sleep clinic, “Get Out” was written on it. However, it changed to “Poop” when Chandler talked about how he cannot dance at weddings and Ross walked in while Chandler was showing Rachel and Joey how he danced. Perhaps it changed to reflect what politeness forbids them telling Ross.

“The One In Vegas” – Season 5, Episode 23

Photo Credit: NBC

In this episode, Joey tells about his “Hand Twin” to the Chandler. While telling him, he points at Chandler with his left hand, which changes to his right hand in the next shot. Perhaps this episode’s editor had a keen sense of irony.

“The One With George Stephanopoulos” – Season 1, Episode 4

the one with stephanopolous
Photo Credit: NBC

In this scene, Ross, Chandler, and Joey went to attend a Hockey match, where Ross wears a foam finger which later disappears magically. However, that is unfortunate for Ross because foam finger could have cushioned the blow of the puck which hit him later.

“The One Where Ross Finds Out” – Season 2, Episode 7

the one with necklace
Photo Credit: NBC

Rachel was wearing a necklace when she spoke to Monica, Chandler, and Joey about Ross and Julie. But it got disappeared when Ross and Julie announce that they are getting a cat together. However, it re-appeared when Rachel continued to question about them getting a pet. The necklace kept disappearing and reappearing across the cuts in the episode.

“The One With Mugging” – Season 9, Episode 15

the one with changing cans
Photo Credit: NBC

In this scene, Joey was raiding Monica and Chandler’s apartment to get something to drink for an audition. However, there was a glimpse of a stand-in along with bottles changing to cans in Joey’s hands. Perhaps Joey had a talent of a magician which he never discovered.

“The One With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss” – Season 5, Episode 17

the inadvertant kiss
Photo Credit: NBC

Joey spotted an attractive girl from Monica’s apartment. At times he was wearing a black shirt. He then went across the building of the girl to find her out and he was wearing a purple shirt. Why not? He could have stopped to change his shirt. However, when Ross opens the door, magically he was wearing a black shirt again. More evidence for the Joey the Magician theory.

“The One With The Red Sweater” – Season 8, Episode 2

The one with red sweater
Photo Credit: NBC

In the episode, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel were discussing Rachel’s pregnancy and the father’s identity. As they did, the wrapping paper from Monica’s wedding appeared and disappeared from the box. Monica kept going from being about to rip the paper off the box to sitting in front of a plain brown box. It kept changing throughout the scene, including when Joey joined them in the apartment.

“The One With Rachel’s Date” – Season 8, Episode 5

the one with rachel's date
Photo Credit: NBC

In this episode, Phoebe dates Monica’s sous-chef Tim and Monica doesn’t fire him for Phoebe’s sake. When Phoebe decides to dump Tim, Monica can finally fire him. However, the edges of the frame were cropped out when FREINDS originally aired while they both were talking about it which revealed that Monica’s stand-in took her place in the scene.

Even if the FRIENDS have many minor mistakes, we still love watching the show, and will always be one of the favorite shows. However, if we miss mentioning any mistake, let us know in the comment section.