15 Gem Of Replies That Will Make You Feel Bad About Your Last Comeback


Do you ever feel guilty for not winning an argument because you couldn’t come up with that ‘perfect’ reply on time? Well, that is how some of our brains work, the correct response never arrives on time and we often burry ourselves in guilt because we come up with a comeback weeks after ‘that’ argument and we end up hating ourselves.

You will be amazed when you will see people who have the perfect response on the tip of their tongue on the internet and the savage burns are only a tweet away. Though Twitter is not the best place to open one’s mouth without thinking, it is an easy way to get your message out to someone. You will be thankful to the Twitter account called Gems Of Replies which masters in excavating some hidden gems of savage comebacks and twitter burns.

Check out the best Twitter burns:

1. Our beloved Ratan Tata is the Gem of all Gems.

2. How to destroy someone’s image on Twitter.

3. Did you mean social work?

4. Were you thinking the same?

5. We feel you.

6. Likeworthy hilarious response

7. Wedding Woes.

8. Fevicol or Alcohol?

9. What would you prefer?

10. Are you for real?

11. Uncle is serving savage burns.

12. This dude has some guts!

13. Grammar Nazi Anyone?

14. Next question, please?

15. Wait, What?