Giorgia Meloni & Modi breaks the internet with their Melodi selfie Moment

Giorgia Meloni & Modi breaks the internet with their Melodi selfie Moment

Prepare for a delightful internet sensation as Giorgia Meloni and Modi create a buzz with their captivating “Melodi” selfie moment. Breaking the internet with their charm, this unexpected and heartwarming interaction between the Italian politician and the Indian Prime Minister has social media in a frenzy. In this article, we dive into the details of this memorable encounter, exploring the reactions, the backstory, and the undeniable charisma that has sent the online world into a joyous uproar.

Giorgia Meloni & Modi breaks the internet with their Melodi selfie Moment

Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged with Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni during the COP28 summit in Dubai. Posting on social media platform X, the prime minister expressed trust in the collaborative endeavors of India and Italy for a prosperous and sustainable future. In a delightful moment, Meloni captured a selfie with PM Modi, sharing it on her Instagram with the caption “Good friends at COP28 #Melodi.” The informal encounter highlighted the amicable relations between the leaders as they participated in the summit.


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In September of this year, Giorgia Meloni attended the G20 Summit in India, engaging in talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on trade, commerce, defense and emerging technologies. Modi, expressing satisfaction, shared details on social platform X. Affirming the commitment of India and Italy to collaborate for global prosperity. Earlier, in March, Meloni visited India for the 8th Raisina Dialogue 2023. Where she held bilateral discussions with PM Modi at Hyderabad House. Following the meeting, Meloni commended Modi as the most beloved global leader, acknowledging his significant leadership role.

PM Modi at COP 28

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi actively participated in the COP28 Summit in Dubai. During the event, he initiated the ‘Green Credit Initiative,’ aiming to establish carbon sinks through public engagement. Additionally, Modi suggested India as the host for COP33 in 2028.

In his address, the prime minister emphasised the limitations of commercially driven carbon credits. Advocating a shift from a self-centered approach to one that prioritizes collective responsibility. At the summit, Modi engaged with various global leaders. Including Isaac Herzog of Israel, Antonio Guterres of the United Nations, and Emmanuel Macron of France.

Netizens reacted on the Melodi post

The moment the picture surfaced, netizens erupted, inundating social media with memes. Meloni’s photo has garnered immense attention, amassing 10.7 million views and over 169k likes. Creativity soared as users leveraged the trending song ‘just looking like a WOW’ by Yashraj Mukhate, blending it with diverse images of Meloni.

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Alternatively, some enthusiasts opted for Bollywood movie dialogues to aptly capture and describe the essence of the viral selfie. The online community’s response showcased a dynamic mix of humour and cultural references.

Some internet users noted the twinning in white between the two prime ministers, declaring it the “selfie of the year.” The observation sparked enthusiasm among the online community, adding to the acclaim surrounding the captured moment.

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