Govinda Spills Bollywood Inside Secrets, Shares How They Conspired To Ruin His Career


Once in the 90s, Bollywood actor, Govinda gave a series of hit films. But now in the 2000s, he has completely disappeared from the films. It is a big question that what has happened that the famous movie star doesn’t star in movies now. Finally, Govinda has opened up about himself stating that how some people in Bollywood ruin his image and his career.

Photo Credit: TimesOfIndia

In an interview with Times of India, Govinda said,

“I also know there was a discussion in one of the offices to give Govinda 15 scenes and two songs and then later make him Bhagwan Dada by giving him just songs, and thereafter make him a junior artiste. But I did not let them succeed.”

He continued,

“Maine band Baja di (I gave it right back). I came back playing the hero and also produced the film. However, it is a different story altogether that my film did not get a platform.”

Photo Credit: FirstPost

Govinda also shared that how few producers tried to hurt his images by just offering a certain type of film. He questioned,

“They, in fact, conspire by offering me films that I would not like–ones with sex and violence. If you want to make a film that has a lot of sex, why not make porn films?”

Photo Credit: DNAIndia

He sadly mentioned,

“As they say, apne bhi paraye ho jaate hain (friends turn their backs on you). If fate is not on your side, then your own people also turn against you.”