The Harry Potter series of implausible fantasy created by British author J.K. Rowling still has a significant impact on youth and adults. Before the time memes got viral, Harry Potter gained much popularity. In 2021, the combined version of both worlds had entertained us greatly, so it will in the upcoming years.

Harry Potter World
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Most Instagram meme pages serve a great deal of comedy and laughter among people. These days people prefer memes over any other content. Even the most valuable and knowledgeable contexts are spread through memes. People always look for a fun way to collect knowledge.

Knowledge with fun, what can do better than a meme!

Moreover, this Instagram account, named “Maglumemes“, delivers hilarious epic Desi Memes about the Harry Potter world.

Harry Potter Desi Mmes

Some memes on Slug Party.

Party memes

Harry Potter memes on Pawry chaal rahi hai.

Harry Potter party memes

Who does not know about The Friends and their Reunion! Here are some Friends Reunion and Harry Potter memes.

Friends reunion memes

And some more of the Friends Reuinion.

Harry Potter Memes

This Instagram page, Maglumemes, is solely dedicated to the Harry Potter World. It has transformed the Harry Potter world into memes.
Here is a combinations of Kota Factory and Harry Potter.

Kota Factory and Harry Potter

Akash Gupta and Harry Potter.

Akash Gupta and Harry Potter

Pakistani Roadies and Harry Potter.

Pakistani Roadies and Harry Potter

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Harry Potter.

Yeh jawani hai deewani and Harry Potter memes

What could be more Desi than “Dabangg Hermione”?

Dabaang Hermaioni

Harry Potter and his “Golmaal” love story.

Harry Potter Dabaang love story

Dumbledore being Don himself!

How Harry Potter “Chup Chup Ke” killed the Horcruxes!

Harry Potter destroying all Horcrox

On Dream11 team. They will be the Death Eaters one.

Harry Potter death eaters

A trip to “Hogwartpur”!


Harry Potter in “Munna Bhaiya” style!

Harry Potter Munna Bhaiya style

“Maa ka pyar” for Harry Potter!

Harry Potter Maa ka pyaar

“Maai Hoon Na” and Harry Potter!

Maai Hoon Na Harry Potter

Everything was planned!

Harry Potter hilarious memes

Conclusion: To laugh at more funny memes, you can follow and find more contents on their Instagram page. The page both compiles and makes Desi memes on Harry Potter.