Hilarious Twitter Reactions To The Cancellation Of Asia Cup 2020


With Covid-19 pandemic raging wild, a lot of sports events across the face of the planet are postponed or even cancelled. A few managed to slip from the grip; still, they are strictly conforming with the rules and regulations which has been currently laid down to contain the impact of the menacing virus. And guess what? The fun in the game dies because of these pathetic rules!

Cricket started yesterday, and without the crowd, it feels as if the battle in the 22-yards has undergone a paradigm shift. Probably domestic crickets will be able to relate to this experience where the ground seems hollow, and also the world seems grim.

Amidst the pandemonium of this life-threatening virus, Asia Cup 2020, which was supposed to be convened by Pakistan, has been called off by BCCI, and the same was later corroborated by ACC. Though there were quandaries about the fact that where exactly will the fray be held, either in Dubai or Pakistan, Twitter did not really settle well with the fact that this tournament was cancelled.

A Twitter user commented, “Asia Cup 2020 was originally scheduled to be held in September is now cancelled confirms BCCI President Sourav Ganguly.”

Another controversial Tweet read, “Just In: To avoid another tournament loss humiliation under his captaincy, Kohli had earlier urged BCCI to cancel Asia Cup 2020, which BCCI agreed to & is now cancelled. Reports suggest BCCI are looking to host Bilateral series during that time in Sri Lanka or UAE. (File Pic)”

Twitteratti was simply warming up as another user commented, “Ganguly announced the postponement of Asia Cup 2020. PCB Chairman reacted rightly, attributing protocols not being followed & the decision should have come from the ACC & PCB being the host. Inside a few hours, Mani Sb confirmed the postponement. Strange ways shall continue haunting us.”

Another account for cricket cited, “While talking live with @vikrantgupta73 on Instagram, Sourav Ganguly said that the Asia Cup to be played in 2020 has been completely cancelled. #AsiaCup”

Questioning Saurav Ganguly, another user stated, “Sourav Ganguly: Asia Cup 2020 has been cancelled PCB: Ganguly’s comment doesn’t matter, Final decision will be taken by Asian Cricket Council.”

Not everyone was happy with the decision as a few decided to slam it, citing, “What a bastard. Pakistan is the host of Asia Cup 2020, any announcement regarding the status of the event should be coming from them.”


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