India’s Most Expensive Car is owned by This Man!

India's Most Expensive Car is owned by This Man!

Prepare to be surprised because the owner of India’s most expensive car isn’t Ambani or Adani. In this article, we’ll uncover the identity of the person who holds the keys to this high-priced vehicle. It’s not who you might expect, and the story behind it is intriguing. Get ready to explore the world of luxurious rides and find out which individual in India has clinched the title of owning the most expensive car, beating out some well-known names. Let’s have a look into the fascinating details of this unexpected revelation.

India's Most Expensive Car is owned by This Man!

Who owns most expensive car?

Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, and Gautam Singhania are known for their impressive car collections, boasting some of India’s priciest rides. However, surprisingly, the title of owning the most expensive car doesn’t go to these famous industrialists. The Bentley Mulsanne EWB Centenary Edition, valued at over Rs 14 crore, steals the spotlight as India’s priciest car. Spotted in Bangalore earlier this year, this luxury vehicle surpasses the price tags of Gautam Singhania’s Ferrari and Mukesh Ambani’s Rolls-Royce. The proud owner of this exclusive Bentley is VS Reddy, the managing director of British Biologicals.

Known as ‘The Protein Man of India,’ VS Reddy isn’t just the managing director of British Biologicals, a top nutraceutical company; he’s also a renowned automotive enthusiast. With a collection of 52 National and International awards, Reddy shared in an interview with Evo India that his childhood dream was to own cars from all brands in the country.

India's Most Expensive Car is owned by This Man!

Who is VS Reddy?

The Bentley Mulsanne EWB Centenary Edition in Reddy’s possession is uniquely adorned in a Rose Gold shade. It boasts features like 21-inch polished alloy wheels, luxurious leather upholstery, rear quarter vanity mirrors, and rugs made of lamb’s wool. To Reddy, this exceptional Bentley is nothing less than the Taj Mahal of cars.

VS Reddy, hailing from Karnataka, founded British Biologicals with a mission to offer affordable preventive nutrition for people of all ages.

India's Most Expensive Car is owned by This Man!

As per the information on the British Biologicals website, it’s a research-driven healthcare nutraceutical company famously known as the ‘Protein People.’ The company’s products, catering to paediatric, diabetic, gynaecological, cardiovascular, hepatitis, and geriatric nutrition and healthcare, aim to positively influence health and wellness with their nutritional solutions.

His passion for cars, coupled with being ‘The Protein Man of India’ through British Biologicals, adds a unique chapter to his story. The Rose Gold Bentley, adorned with luxury features, stands as his Taj Mahal of cars. Reddy’s dream, rooted in childhood fantasies, has turned into a reality, proving that sometimes, the most unexpected individuals take the wheel of extraordinary journeys. A testament to dreams fulfilled and roads traveled, VS Reddy’s story leaves an indelible mark.

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