Korean Vlogger gets harassed by a man in Maharashtra, Video Viral

Korean Vlogger gets harassed by a man in Maharashtra, Video Viral

Amidst the vibrant scenes of Maharashtra, a Korean vlogger encountered harassment from two individuals, an alarming incident documented in a video now making waves online. As this footage gains traction, it raises important discussions about the safety and well-being of content creators. This article delves into the unsettling incident, shedding light on the challenges faced by vlogger and emphasising the importance of ensuring a secure environment for creators in the digital realm.

Korean vlogger

Korean vlogger attacked by two people

While exploring a market in Maharashtra, South Korean vlogger Kelly encountered harassment from several men. Filming her video and engaging with locals, she became the victim of an alarming incident captured on her vlog. Social media circulated the clip, revealing a man grabbing and restraining her while two others approached. During her interactions with shopkeepers, one man prompted another to take a photo with her, leading to an abrupt and distressing moment when another man seized her.

Korean vlogger

Instructing the other man, he commands, “Don’t stand so far. Hold her like this.” Despite her attempts to distance herself, he persists in holding her. Expressing her need to escape, she remarks, “I have to run away from here.” Reflecting on the incident, Kelly shares, “They really like to hug, I don’t know why.” Initially smiling and greeting the men, her demeanour shifts to anxiety later in the clip as she urges, “Let’s run away.”

Social media outburst on the video

Upon being shared on X (formerly Twitter), the video swiftly gained viral status on social media. Outraged netizens expressed anger at the mistreatment of the woman vlogger. One user, cautioning against solo travel in India, commented, “I never recommend my non-Indian friends to come to India… especially alone. The streets can be in places that don’t seem like streets but behave worse than streets.” Another user extended support, expressing admiration for Kelly’s positivity despite the distressing encounter and wishing her future interactions with only benevolent individuals during her trip in India.

Last December, a 24-year-old South Korean vlogger faced stalking and harassment by two men on a bustling street in Khar, which she streamed live. The identified suspects, both Khar locals—Mobeen Chand Mohammed Shaikh, 19, and Mohammed Naqeeb Ansari, 21—were apprehended by the police. Despite being detained, they were subsequently released on bail, each required to pay Rs 15,000.

In the aftermath of this distressing incident, it serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by content creators, especially when navigating unfamiliar environments. The outcry on social media not only highlights the need for heightened awareness around the safety of vloggers but also underscores the collective responsibility to create a secure atmosphere for individuals sharing their experiences online. As discussions intensify, it is imperative that incidents like these prompt tangible changes in ensuring the well-being of creators. Only through sustained awareness, empathy, and proactive measures can the digital realm truly become a space where all creators feel protected and respected.

Police arrested two men for harassing Korean vlogger

Police have arrested the man who harassed a South Korean vlogger in Pune during Diwali. The incident occurred in November in Pune’s Ravet area, where the accused’s inappropriate actions were caught on camera, subsequently going viral on social media. Responding swiftly to public outrage, Pune’s Pimpri Chinchwad Police, under the leadership of ACP Satish Mane, apprehended the suspect. The disturbing footage showed the man putting his hand around Kelly’s neck as she interacted with locals at a market. The arrest, carried out by the crime branch, took place on Tuesday in the Ravet area.

Last year, Mumbai police took action by arresting two men who harassed a South Korean vlogger, mirroring a previous incident in Pune.

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