Kunal Kamra Slammed By The Father Of The 7 Year Old Kid Who Sang For PM Modi In Berlin


The father of the little boy who greeted the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin by singing a patriotic song has slammed the standup comedian Kunal Kamra for posting a spoof of the kid’s performance.

Kunal Kamra
Photo Credit: englishtribuneimages

The father couldn’t stand the fact that his child was getting trolled, and insulted. The 7-year-old boy sang the song “Hey Janmabhoomi Bharat” beautifully in front of PM Narendra Modi while he was on his Germany visit. The father lost his temper when comedian Kunal Kamra, whose latest jibe at PM Modi also involved his son.

The song that was sung by the boy:

Mr. Kamra, who has always been inclined towards politics often landed in trouble for his criticism of the Prime minister and the BJP. This time he ended up posting a video by editing and replacing the song with a popular folk song on inflation “Mehngai Dayan”, that featured in the film “Peepli Live”.

Ganesh Pol wasn’t amused at this mockery of his son and he took to Twitter to write,

“He is my 7 year old son, who wanted to sing this song for his beloved Motherland . Though he is still very young but certainly he loves his country more than you Mr. Kamra or Kachra watever u are.”

He also asked the 33-year-old comedian to keep his son out of his digs. He wrote, “Keep the poor boy out of your filthy politics & try to work on your poor jokes.”

Kunal Kamra was quick to reply to his tweet:

The netizens also found this act inappropriate, some even offered to provide the father, Ganesh Pol with legal assistance, in case he wishes to sue the comedian.

A Twitter user shared a tweet,

“please check this tweet from @kunalkamra88 who is trying to villify a 7 years old boy.” While another commented, “If you want to initiate legal proceedings against him for this, i would be happy to help.”

Check out some of the reactions:

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