Pakistani players gets brutally trolled for loading their luggage from truck like a Coolie in Australia

Pakistani players gets brutally trolled for loading their luggage from truck like a Coolie in Australia

In a recent turn of events, Pakistani players have found themselves at the center of social media scrutiny as they were captured loading their luggage from a truck, reminiscent of a coolie. The images circulating online have triggered a wave of trolling and criticism directed at the players, highlighting the irony of professional athletes undertaking what appears to be manual labor. As the pictures evoke a mix of surprise and humour among netizens, the incident prompts discussions about the public image of sports figures and the expectations that accompany their status, adding a unique twist to the off-field commentary on Pakistani cricket.

Pakistani players gets brutally trolled for loading their luggage from truck like a Coolie in Australia

Pakistani players loading luggage due to necessity 

Amidst the anticipation of Pakistan’s cricket team touring Australia, a viral video has emerged showcasing a unique scene – the Pakistani players personally handling their luggage ahead of the trip. Contrary to the usual assistance provided by officials or embassy representatives upon arrival, social media claims suggest that no such support was available for the Pakistani players when they landed in Australia. The video has added a distinct chapter to the lively narrative surrounding Pakistan cricket, both on and off the field, sparking discussions about the independence of the players and the peculiar circumstances surrounding their arrival on Australian soil.

Pakistani Player Babar Azam

Social media has been buzzing with videos capturing the Pakistan players personally loading their luggage onto trucks, with Mohammad Rizwan earning praise for his cheerful demeanour during the task. Fans commended Rizwan’s humility as he willingly posed for selfies. Nonetheless, contrasting opinions emerged, emphasizing the distinction between genuine humility and actions prompted by compulsion. While Rizwan’s amiable interactions resonated positively, some questioned whether the players were voluntarily engaging in these tasks or fulfilling duties under external pressure. This viral episode ignited conversations about the dynamics between humility and external expectations within the realm of cricket.

A user name Abdullah Zafar took it to the X and wrote, “Pak Team Reached Australia. Rizwan ne sab ka Saman Load keya. So humble and down to earth personality he has.”

He got a smoking reply from another user.

Indian fans are taking it up a several notch to make it as hilarious as possible. Another user replied to this thread in Pushpa style and wrote-

Here are some more additions to Pakistani players getting trolled.

Changes in the Pakistani team

In the aftermath of the 2023 ODI World Cup disappointment in India, the Pakistan men’s cricket team has undergone a significant transformation. Test captaincy passed from Babar Azam to Shan Masood across all formats, signifying a fresh beginning. With an eye on securing their inaugural Test victory on Australian grounds, Masood expressed determination, stating, “When historical achievements are lacking, it presents an opportunity for change. Our concerted efforts aim to deliver positive outcomes for Pakistan and contribute to our standing in the World Test Championship,” as highlighted in a recent interview. This shift in leadership reflects the team’s commitment to improvement.

Share your thoughts on this shift. Can the Pakistani team secure a better performance this time? Only time will unveil the outcome in this competition. Meanwhile, we invite you to speculate on the future of the Pakistani cricket team. Drop your comments below and share how you might have playfully commented on this incident.

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