20 Savage Replies To Win Heated Arguments


Friendships are long-lasting relationships that involve caring, playing, partying, and most importantly insulting each other. Unfortunately, many people are often late to come up with Savage Replies or remarks that can shut someone’s mouth. And this results only in more insults for them. Not just friends, one can always end in a heated argument with someone. And seriously you don’t want to lose them, especially if the quarrel is between you and your arch-nemesis. If you are looking for some great comebacks, don’t worry we have got your back.

So, here are some of the savage insults you can use during an argument with your friends to shut their mouths.

1. Mirrors Don’t Lie

Mirrors Don't Lie
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2. Littering Isn’t Allowed

Littering Isn't Allowed
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3. Hurts Like A Cactus

Hurts Like A Cactus
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4. Don’t You Trim?

Don't You Trim?
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5. Stay Fit

Stay Fit
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6. Right Has Nothing To Do With You

Right Has Nothing To Do With You
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7. Why Were You Born?

Why Were You Born?
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8. Google It

Google It
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9. IQ Of A Stone

IQ Of A Stone
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10. Get A Life

Get A Life
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11. Fresh Brains

Fresh Brains
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12. Your Point Of View Doesn’t Matter

Your Point Of View Doesn't Matter
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13. How Fat Are You?

How Fat Are You?
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14. Wipe It Off

 Wipe It Off
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15. Ugly On Both Sides

Ugly On Both Sides
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16. I Hope So

I Hope So
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17. Do You Hear Yourself?

Do You Hear Yourself?
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18. It’s Important For People Like You To Evolve

It's Important For People Like You To Evolve
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19. Your Brain’s In Your Knee

Your Brain's In Your Knee
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20. I Don’t See Any

I Don't See Any
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Did you get some great lines to shut everyone’s mouth? Use them at the right place and at the right time.